I don’t care to lay blame on anyone for sharing their day-to-day happenings and thoughts in a blog. But I feel down-right self indulgent.

When it comes to talking about myself, I feel rather uncomfortable. Buuut, I know I will most definitely get used to it. And quickly. Isn’t that the point?

This is a time in my life for ‘lasts’. I am feeling somewhat sentimental. Tonight is the last time I will sleep in my bed and be at my house. Today was my last day at work, not to mention the last of MYOB. For a while at least (I’m not so sad about that last one). 

I have shared so much of my heart with Brisbane. And it hasn’t really sunk in that I am leaving. I am wondering when it will hit me, as if it is a sneaky little brother waiting around the corner of my hallway, ready to smack me in the knee, or spit water at me. I know he will be there somewhere, I just don’t know how or when.

But when he does pop on out, I know there’s not a thing I’ll be able to do about it.

Emotion has this amazing ability to hide himself from me sometimes, and then come billowing out to say hello to all who pass at other times. Like a lovely pink blanket.

SO, in two days, off we will go. To set about on our most monumental adventure yet. “The one you’ve gotta do before you get bogged down with kids.”

I’ve never understood that statement.

6 Responses to “Musings of a Narcissist – take 1”

  1. Roman

    First comment! Yeaah roy!

    I’m starting to feel the tide pull out a bit, emotions wise, knowing that soon the tidal wave of missing and regrets for not spending more time or making more Jimmy cake etc etc will hit. But I can only hope it hits the fortress of Love Invincible and dispels without much ado.

    I’m not gonna promise to follow your blog forever, I am not the kind of personality to stay committed to such online activities, but I will try make an effort. (Pretty sure I’ll probably become your creepy friend who reads it everyday secretly just to make sure you haven’t made a new, jolly, actually black friend).

    Great blogging so far, enjoy your trip and I look forward to hearing about the various adventures and the general, indulgent musings.

    (PS- I will set you guys tasks and challenges whilst in various stages of your trip.

    DANA- you must at some point yell out “I’m Skip James Biiatch!” in bustling Tokyo at some point.

    JESS- you must sing (proper sing) to a crowd…. in any context ;)

    All for now,

    Love Romz

    • sillybillies

      Roman, I’ll have to admit, that was a pretty dang comment.

      And I am a little intimidated by your challenge, as is Dana, BUT we have discussed it, and are ready to give it a go. Will let you know how we fare.

      Fortress of Love Invincible – IS A GO!

  2. Georgia

    “I’ve never understood that statement.” – yeah. Until you hung out with us so much, hey?

    Plus, can it really be classified as narcissism if you’re being coerced into providing the details by your stalker fans friends?

    I am so excited to read about all your adventures. Xx

    • sillybillies

      Yes, it is narcissism, still.

      Whenever I am feeling rather guilty about being so self-indulgent, I will draw upon the fact that I can eternally blame you for it.

      Thank you G. x


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