Have I mentioned that Tokyo is the most beautiful city I have ever been to? I love it here. There’s so much diversity, richness and colour.

We’ve been up to some pretty fun stuff. However, after having just been lost wandering about town for a couple of hours (we got off the train two stops late, and had to find our way back to our Hostel on foot) (this proved rather difficult, as all the streets kinda look the same after a while). Anyway, it is almost 3 am, so I am pretty tired after a day of walking.

However, I DID want to post, if even a little bit, because there is something beautiful I want to show you (I do want to do a proper post, but just need sleep):

This street is in Harajuku, where we went today. Harajuku is definitely my favourite places in Tokyo so far. So many beautiful shops and little cafes. Everything here is so thoughfully placed and presented. The streets are just absolutely lined in trees covered in fairy lights. A little bit magical really. 

With this, I will say goodnight to you.

4 Responses to “a quickie before bed…”

  1. Georgia

    Oh, I am so glad you visited Harajuku, I have always thought you guys belong there (not that I’d know, but… you know).

    Those photographs are simply stunning. I am taken aback – so beautiful. Makes me incredibly melancholy that our city is not into self beautification. Or at least; not pretty stuff because we all know King George Square is a fucking eye sore.

    I know you said that it’s only on the weekend but you didn’t happen across any Gothic Lolita’s did you? Gah, I have always wanted to see them in real life!

    • Jessica

      Yes Georgia, and they are beautiful. we went back to harajuku today and I did see some walking about, but not any in big groups unfortunately.

      Yes, we loved harajuku so much, we went back there today, and plan on going again tomorrow. SO nice.

      We should come back here next christmas.

      Being in Tokyo makes me not like brisbane city very much. This grass is definitely greener.

    • Jessica

      Roman, you would be pleased (and hopefully proud as punch) to hear that me and Dana BOTH fulfilled our dares.

      Dana very loudly declared in JAPANESE, “I am skip James, Biatch!!” and I sang, ‘Sea of Love’ (Cat Power’s version) – right in the middle of an intersection with multitudes of people in Harajuku.



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