Tuesday 21.12.2010

Today we caught a train to Akihabara to hang out with our friends; Duffy and DJ. Even though this was only our second day in Tokyo, we were still excited to be spending time with some friends.

Akihabara is a technology mecca. It boasts some of the largest hi-fi/tech stores in the world.

Yodobashi – Akiba

I was very excited to purchase my very first DSLR – a Canon 550d, for about half the price it would have been had I bought it in Australia. I bought it at Yodobashi-Akiba. I am still squealing with excitement.

Akihabara also boasts about a trillion gaming arcades. Admittedly, these are pretty darn cool. The curious thing about them though, is the fact that they are FULL of grown ups. I played my hand at Tetris (arguably the best game in the world), and beat two of the boys. I win. Yussss.

THE best and most hilarious game in the world lives here in Tokyo. It is called, ‘Angry Dad’. The aim of the game is to create a path (as destructive as you can) of wreckage, by angrily turning up a table (please see ‘exhibit A’).

Exhibit A: Dana and Duffy – Hai Chi-zu! (Say CHEESE!)

You choose the setting you want – whether it be at the morgue, in the dining room with the family, or in the office. Then the computer screen plays out a scenario for you, and at just the right time, you SLAM your palms down on the table in front of you to get everyone’s attention. Then you use as much brute force as possible to fling the table up (please see ‘exhibit B’).

Exhibit B: Duffy slamming the table up

A scene will then play out on the screen to show you how many people you knocked out, how many windows you broke, how many pieces of furniture you destroyed, etc etc. Bonus points are given for wrecking key items.


*NOTE TO SELF: As I soon found out, unless you can read and understand Kanji, there is no real aesthetic  difference between the following establishments:

–          A multi-level super anime store,

–          a karaoke bar,

–          a electronics shop,

–          a gaming arcade, and;

–          a porn shop.

Failure to keep this in mind whilst traveling in Tokyo will result in poignant embarrassment, for reasons I need not explain.

8 Responses to “Duffy and Daniel Joy”

  1. bene

    hahah that game sounds EPIC.
    Ahhh i want to go to Japan so much! EVERYTHING IS SO COOL! @__@
    yay for 550d! :D

  2. Georgia

    Please don’t try and tell me you accidentally walked into a porn shop.

    That photo of the store is intense. Wow. That’s crazy huge. How awesome. Chermside seems so… Okay, bad example, it has always seemed craptacular (a word here that means something else but Errol is upset with my vulgarity).

  3. Nathasja

    I would often shop at Yodobashi – Umeda (obviously in Osaka)
    yes it’s big…
    and yes…. shops really are the same…. I was saved from the accidental walk in as I pretty much always had a local nearby who could point out… what I was about to walk into… Have fun in America!!!

    • Jessica

      Thasja, i couldn’t believe how huge it (and everything) was. :O I spent the whole time just being really visually over-stimulated.

      It kinda lulls you into a daze, and then you go spend your money without thinking.

  4. Roman

    “I was very excited to purchase my very first DSLR – a Canon 550d” = fell off chair with pride…. ‘ My boy… you’ve finally become what we at Wanky-Film-School call, respectable… (Godfather voice, followed by mafia kiss on cheeks, then camera case)… But seriously, good stuff man, and I’d love that arcade game where you flip the table, me and dan are always cracking jokes about that action… cant believe someone coined it into a game. Crazy asians. Well in good sir, well in!

    Ps- Hittin Nim Bin with dad and a guitar for good times ;) haha shame ur out of the country for it, BUT him and his girlfriend want you guys round for dinner once you are back asap, so Fb me your Brisbane days and or nights that your free for a get together with Papa O’ Romz.

    Love Invincible!

    • Jessica

      Hey romz

      We will be back 6th of February.
      And we will be in town for a week at least.

      Hope you had the best time down nim bin way.



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