Tokyo. What a mezmerising place. I am besotted and amazed. It was everything I had hoped it would be, and more.

We have arrived in New York tonight. It is 10.30pm Christmas night.

After having 13 hours to kill on the plane, I have finally sorted out this blog posting thing. I have written a few posts, so I have some up my sleeve for when I am too busy to sit down and write.

I will endevour to upload one post everyday, with photos of course.

Dana and I are doing well, but quite exhausted. We have checked ourselves into a lovely hotel near Madison Ave in Manhattan. We’re looking forward to a big sleep, as we stayed awake on the plane to help our bodies adjust to the NY timezone. As I type, it is 1.53 pm in Brisbane, Australia.

It feels strange to be going to bed when I should be out getting a coffee or having lunch.

Please keep all your lovely comments coming. It is nice to know that you are reading all this!


7 Responses to “Sorting things out.”

  1. bene

    I request photos of your hotel. Always interested what hotels overseas look like. :)
    Also, that little thing at the top is SO cute!

    • Jessica

      The little picture is of a postcard I got at the Asakusa markets. There’s SO much cute stuff there – you would love Japan Bene!

  2. Georgia

    Happy Christmas Ashford-Clarks.

    I can’t believe you guys are staying in a lovely hotel, photos are required.

    Have fun exploring tomorrow!

    • Jessica

      I have taken photos of both NY hotels so far for you and Bene. They are rather uninteresting though, compared to some of the others.

      We got some lovely ones of the snow today too.

      Is it still raining there?

  3. moother and farter

    Hi my little lovelies, Merry Christmass. Sounds like you are having an awesome time.
    The sky has cryed every day since you left. Would love to seeeeeeee some photos could this holliday really be true? we have no photos……..hummm makes one wonder hey! Sleep little, holliday big. love Mum & Dad

    • Jessica

      What do you mean you would love to see some photos?? I am posting them up almost everyday!

      There is a blizzard in New York today. Dana has never seen snow before it. We walked to central park, wrapped in almost every article of clothing possible (Kind of like Bernard in ‘Black Books’ when he goes to take some clothes to Oxfam).

      IT was BEAUTIFUL. And we took photos. I will post about it soon.


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