Wednesday 22.12.2010

Today we slept in, before moseying on over to the much anticipated, Harajuku. We were starting to feel like we were really getting the hang of this subway system, and were quite chuffed with ourselves really.

Harajuku is SO beautiful. As I have said before, it is definitely our favourite place in Tokyo. The shops are all so purposefully and tastefully laid, with intricate and careful attention to detail. And the staff are friendly, to boot!

We made a new friend in a vintage shop named Yuka. Her shop is named ‘SLOW’. See

We even made it onto their blog!

If you go to Tokyo, this shop is well worth the visit. With beautiful old blouses, hats and scarves, everything is accompanied with that old familiar ‘pre-loved’ smell.

Yuka spent some time drawing some maps for us, to help us find more second-hand stores around the place, and chatting about music, and things like that. I just wanted to take her home with us!

Later that day…

Also today, we ate the most delicious crepes in the Entire. World. I mean, wow. At a lovely little French café named ‘La Fee Dilice’. Complete with its own Gael Bernal-Garcia-esque Maitre’d. See

I was, again, quite chuffed and impressed with myself for putting to use some of the French I learnt in Year 8 at school as a child.

“Crepes, et le jus d’orange.” I said proudly. And then as the crepes were being served, I chucked in a, “Merci beaucoup, Monsieur.”

Wow, I AM cool aren’t I? But seriously, one of the first things I would LOVE to do as soon as we move to Adelaide, is to get tutoring in French. I love the way that the few words I do know feel in my mouth.

After taking the first bite, Dana and I are in love. We wish we could marry this crepe.

Seriously, go here. You’ll be impressed.

Sadly, the pride we had harboured previously in the day in regards to being ‘Rail Masters’ was crumpled into a ball and squished into the gutter later on in the evening.

For some reason, Dana and I thought it a good idea to have a little snooze on the subway home. My head on his shoulder, his head on my head. All this walking around, shopping and eating crepes is hard work!

Suddenly, my eyes snapped open and I realised that we had gone past our stop by at least TWO stops, and wewereonthelastserviceoftheday (insert expletives here). So, in a haze of drowsy crankiness, each of us cursing the other, ‘WHYDIDYOUFALLASLEEP??’, ‘BAH!’, ‘GAH!’ etc. etc.

From here, we had no other option than to walk. We didn’t know where we were, or where we were going, and all the streets looked exactly the same.

We arrived at our hostel two hours later. I must say though, our self-confidence in our directional skills (or lack of), was not all in vain. We were chuffed once again that for some reason, we were able to successfully head in the right direction, and take the right little alleyways all the way to our prize – Sakura Hostel. And boy, did that bunk bed feel comfortable.

7 Responses to “Bliss, delicious, kiss, stroll, squeal…”

  1. Leland

    You guys are the best! Your trip sounds like so much fun!
    For what it’s worth, you’re on my favourites bookmark on my iPhone
    I yearn for your updates and stories :)

    • Jessica

      Aaaaah, Thanks Le! (It is really worth a lot to hear that)

      We are having a really great time. The most important part about it for me is the photos. I wouldn’t care if I had a terrible time, as long as the photos were good.

      Lucky for me though, I just so happen to be having a good time as well!

      We are in NY and OMFG you would love it, and Tokyo too for that matter. Everythingissocheap! yayayayayaya. Definitely going to have to get a new/bigger suitcase soon.

  2. Mark&Sue

    Love ya guts – blog is added to favorites too
    Dropped in to see you before you flew, but missed out :(

    • Jessica

      I am glad you guys like it. We are having a fantastic time.
      I AM SO SORRY WE MISSED YOU! That’s so sad. :(

      Hope you had a great family Christmas. Any fun plans for New Years?

  3. Justin

    Looks like mad fun Jess.. I’m moderately jealous.. :)
    I checked out that shop’s blog and got one of my friends to translate what they said about you.. haha

    in case you didn’t get it translated:
    (crude) translation:
    “Jessica and Dana, visitors from Australia: Dana has a large piercing and upon further questioning Dana loves Rock. Jessica appears… to be the singer and will apparently talk about us on her blog :) They recommended a lot of their favorite bands to us.”

    haha so when is Jess and Dana’s first album coming out?

  4. moother and farter

    You must be getting very fit with all the walking. Every photo looks amazing and Wow We love the fact that we are invited on your journey every time we read your blog and we get to see all the awesome places you have visited and the treasure hunts that bring you such joy, makes us feel we are apart of your holliday. And in a way we are. For there is no distance in spirit. So that makes us with you every step of the way. We love you. Keep sending all the updates they are great!


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