Friday 24.12.2010

As we step out on this crisp sunny day, we ponder what we would like to do together.

Go to Harajuku. Again.

While traversing the Harajukonian alleyways (and yes I did just make up a word), we discovered a very cool little shop named, ‘Skeleton Jewelery Craft’. At this shop, if there is any type of jewellery you would like made involving insects or animal skeletons, they are able to make it for you.

We purchased some matching necklaces with insects encased in acrylic. Very cool.

I know this isn’t going to be ‘up everyone’s alley’, but this is my blog afterall. Please note, I do not intend on offending – in this particular instance at least. :P

This picture is of the incredibly lovely (and seemingly unlikely) store owner, Meng Dan. If you’d like more info, contact

Dana made a new friend. As he does. We stopped to buy some water at a road cart selling noodles and drinks. Dana, as he does, started talking to some pretty cool looking Japanese ‘hipsters’. One of them offered to show us around to some places in Harajuku.

He was so very lovely. He plays in a hardcore/punk band named ‘ForMALiN Frog’. See:

Later that day… So here we are in harajuku, Tokyo. And what better to do than to get a tattoo? And matching ones at that.

We stumbled across a tattoo parlor yesterday whilst we were wandering through the maze of alleyways that clutter the suburb. After enquiring, they told us just to turn up anytime after 1pm.

We nervously walked in to ‘High Five Tattoo’ a little after 2pm today (we didn’t want to seem TOO eager). After deciding what we wanted, and being quoted, we asked them where the nearest ATM was so we could go get some cash out before coming back for our appointment.

We were then eagerly escorted through the Harajuku maze to a pokey post office – a brisk 10 minute walk from the parlor.
What other tattoo artist would do that?!

Anyway, we arrived back in time for our appointment and I was very happy to find, after asking, that it was ok for me to take photos. This would definitely have been a ‘make or break’ deal for me.

The place reminded me of my brother David (obviously so, as he is a tattoo artist himself). But it wasn’t so much the aesthetics of the room, but moreso the incessant buzzing sound, and the smell of the ink mixed with the smell of cigarettes and minty gum. I miss my brother.

What I am really looking forward to about living in Adelaide is being in his life. I wonder what he would think of me AND Dana getting a tattoo from someone other than him? Perhaps he would feel miffed that ‘some other schmuck’ is drawing on his sister and candy man brother-in-law. Or perhaps he would think, ‘thank Fu#$, I’m tired of giving them freebies’.

An amazing and surprising thing happened while we were there that day. The owner of the tattoo shop (who closely resembles the kind of typical tough, solemn, formidable and slightly ‘pissed-off’ looking tattoo shop owner you would expect to see in such a place) blew back in through the door with a small package. I had my face buried in my iPhone when he walked up, extended his arm towards me and held something under my nose. He said, ‘You, EAT!’

It was this bean ‘taiyaki’. Uh-MAZING.

I am amazed at this whole city. What other place in the world has a tattoo parlor whose owner feeds his hungry customers or escorts them around town? In Australia, you are more likely to be greeted at the door with a, ‘what the f@&$ do you want?!’

It is for this reason I am recommending to all of you, should you ever feel the need to have a picture permanently stabbed into your body with a tiny needle, and you are not going to be near Adelaide (what can I say, Baby Dave’s pure awesomeness is unrivaled), GO TO ‘HIGH FIVE tattoo’ in Harajuku.

I am not saying that you will be fed, or escorted around the city to find an ATM, but I AM saying that you will NOT be disappointed. In fact, quite the contrary.

All in all, Dana and I are both extremely pleased with our whole tattoo experience. Here are some photos:

This is our tattoo artist, Jun.

Placing the transfer…

My turn.

Ze finished product (in black and white because in real life, the new tattoos are gross and oozey)

Cutest. Ever. “Jun”.

Aaaand, THE END.

10 Responses to “Tattoo et. al.”

  1. Michelle Oehlman

    looks like your having an awesome time.. your new tatts are lovely! xo

  2. Georgia

    This is my favourite post thus far, by far (and that’s saying something cause the photo in the one below made me almost yell “HOT DAMN”).

    I am in love with the tattoos you and Dana chose. I am only mildly miffed that Errol and I will look like lame faced copycats when we get our own matching tattoos!

    The photo of your tattoo artist winking is insanely awesome. This whole post reeks of way too cool for school in fact. I bid you goodnight before my eyes pop in jealousy.

    • Dana

      Well georgia when (if) you get your matching tattoos you will get something totally different and original and you won’t feel like you copied us at all. You’ll be in your own cool club.

      • Georgia

        Yeah, maybe we’ll get each others names in cursive on our lower backs. Surrounded by the southern cross and our children’s birthdates. And maybe some butterflies streaming away and a filipino flag flying alongside the australian one. It’ll be so filled with meaning and incredibly, incredibly cool. You’ll be jealous of US then!

        • Jessica

          Oh god, SO cool. I almost ‘unapproved’ this, just because it is so precious and original, I wouldn’t want anyone stealing your idea!

  3. Little Nic

    Hey Dana & Jess! Happy New Year to you both. I have been enjoying reading of your travels and wonderful adventures, I hope you don’t mind. I just had to leave a comment today to say that your tatoos are just absolutely beautiful! Hehe, when I clicked on your post the ad at the top was for laser tatoo removal (which I found a little ironic)! But seriously, they as just beautiful, you must be very pleased.
    Very excited to hear of your new purchase, and your pictures leave me awestruck. I {heart} them.
    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment, oops it turned into quite a long one :)

    • Jessica

      Nic, OF COURSE I don’t mind!

      I love comments. I am actually a bit greedy about them – the more the better.

      I am glad that you are enjoying the blog.

      Haha, tattoo removal is pretty funny, the advertisements must work with keywords or something. Or maybe it was divine intervention?? Who knows.

      Hope you are well love. x

  4. Cindy

    Hey Jess, I have just found your blog and loved reading your story! You guys are having such an amazing adventure and your matching tatoo’s are gorgous. I will be following your adventures from now on, your a fantastic writer, your words are so discriptive they paint pictures and together with the photos, we can almost imagine we were there :)

    • Jessica

      Aww, thanks Cindy. Your words are encouraging, I am glad you are enjoying the blog! I am really enjoying writing it.

      Hope you guys are well, and enjoyed your Christmas! xo


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