Friday 24.12.2010

The best night will more often than not, be your last.

After leaving Harajuku with our new body art, we counted the remaining Yen in our wallets. This was our very last night in Tokyo. Tomorrow would be Christmas day, and we were set to fly out to New York, New York.

Leaving Harajuku, on the subway.

We discovered that we were left with quite a bit more currency than we had anticipated. However, it was not really enough to change over into USD. What to do??

So we went out for some drinks. Haha. And what a wise investment it was.

After catching the subway back to Asakusa, we slipped into the bar around the corner from our hostel, where we briefly came in for a beer a couple of nights ago. This place is called ‘Samurai Bar’. There are two bar staff, the manager and a lovely reindeer, named Hyun. Dana and I also made friends with the other patrons, and spent our night testing out Japanese drinks, talking nonsense, jeering and joking until the wee hours of the next morning. Probably not the best thing to do right after getting a large tattoo, and right before a 13 hour flight, but was still well worth it nonetheless.

Here are some pictures:

This poor possum fell asleep, in the middle of all the noise and banter. You would not believe how loud he was snoring. I managed to get a significant amount on video too. So funny.

The bar staff… aaaaah. I love this place. I wish it was my local.

What I am really starting to enjoy is meeting people and making new friends. It is a very liberating thing to feel ‘out of your shell’. I have spent such a long time living in my own little cave, I can hardly recognise the ‘social Jessica’ inside of me.

Hello Social Me. It is just fabulous to meet you. I hope you will stick around for a while to come. You make life so much more colourful. I know it will be an absolute pleasure to get to know you well.

One Response to “Murphy’s Law:”

  1. Nathasja

    love catching up on your posts… Missing Japan now. I loved making friends with Randoms. I would do it everyday!!!!!


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