Saturday 25.12.2010

As I write this, we are on the plane now, on our way to New York. I have decided to attempt to pull an ‘all nighter’ to save from the jetlag. As my laptop battery is quickly on the decline, I am not sure if I will be able to stand not dosing off. Afterall, I only got three hours of sleep last night!

As we have sadly left Japan, I have been incrementally writing iphone notes on some of the odd cultural mores that I have, for the most part, learnt the hard way sensitively observed.

I will list a summary of them here (Please note, I do realise that some of these are mentioned elsewhere in various posts, but thought I would keep them all together):

– The left side of an escalator is for standing, the right half is for running. If you do not wish to be barged out of the way, you better learn this quick.
– ‘Baka gaijin’ is not a compliment. If you happen to be referred to as this, you are not being complimented. Slang for ‘ignorant tourist’.
– Unless you read Japanese, there’s not a very big difference to the shop fronts of anime stores, electronics stores, game arcades and porn shops. Oops.
– Don’t chew gum, have a take away coffee, or eat lollies with wrappers. (Unless you plan on eating gum, plastic cups and/or paper). Seriously, there are next-to-no bins. Anywhere.
– Smoking whilst walking down the street is prohibited, however, you can light one up and burn it on down in a restaurant.
– Refrain from pouring soy sauce and other condiments directly onto rice. Rice played a very integral part of forming the early Japanese culture. It is for this reason it is held in high regard. I guess pouring sauce on the rice is slightly akin to smothering your wife’s lovely roasted and seasoned dinner with Heinz Big Red. Not cool man. Not cool.
– When purchasing items, or food from any shop, after the assistant displays the amount owing on a calculator screen, always place your money or credit card in the tray provided. Do not place it in their hand directly.

This is about all I can think of.

Here are some photos of Dana and I on our plane trip. Some part of me thinks that plane photos are incredibly boring. Being in a confined space is also incredibly boring. Sorry, I am tired and quite delirious. Can you tell??

(yes, I am a poser. So?)

2 Responses to “Happy Lucky Christmas”

  1. Nathasja

    love the list of differing culture. Yes… I learnt the hard way too.

    Oh and in the middle of eating… don’t just leave your chopsticks in the food… place them neatly together above your bowl (as if finished) or on the chopstick holder.


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