Saturday 25.12.2010

After crossing the International Date Line, Dana and I get two Christmases (I am not too sure if I turned that to a plural correctly). Christmas for us is an absolute non-event. I kinda like it this way. A lot.

After arriving in New York at about 8 or 9 p.m. we caught a bus to Grand Central Station in Manhattan. My body and mind were in absolute conflict with each other. My body was just exhausted. I had managed to stay awake for pretty much the entire 13 hour flight, and after only having gotten a few of hours the night before, I was just about ready to pass out. My mind however, was telling a very different story.

I WAS IN NEW YORK!! My heart gets this certain sinking/churning feeling anytime I return to a place I have formerly called ‘home’. I lived in America as a child, for about 4 years with my parents. In a little town called Pearl, Mississippi.

As far from Mississippi as I was, I couldn’t help but feel the pang of nostalgia. I have such wonderful childhood memories of this country. It was swinging into full force tonight.

As we got to Dylan Hotel (yes, I said, ‘HOTEL’! As in, fresh towels, private shower, king sized bed, and ohmygod… privacy), dumped our stuff, put on about 29 more layers of clothing each, and went for a walk. As if we’d waste time sleeping!?

We realised that Rockefella Centre was only about 5 or 6 blocks away, and we were wanting to go and see the iceskaters and Christmas tree, and, of course, get a ‘hawt dawg’.

I was kicking myself the whole way for forgetting to bring my camera, but is was so cold out, and we had gone a few blocks from the hotel before I realised.

Dana and I were amazed at just how ‘typical’ everything seemed to be. I am in love with the New Yorker accent (in a curious, detached kind of way). There are people. Everywhere. Coming at you in every direction. And my goodness, do they have a right to be there.

Americans are confident in the place they hold in the world. Compared to Japan, this is a culture of entitlement. Unapologetically. This is not a bad thing, it is merely how I see it.

We were passed by a troupe of people, and over the crowd heard (in that typical accent we’ve all recited from the movies), “Owwh, noooow! Meye shew fell owfff!” (‘Oh no, my shoe fell off’)

Dana and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

After a while, the crowds started to get to us. We returned to our hotel and had the nicest hot shower to thaw our bones, practically falling asleep leaning against the cold tiles.

I flopped into bed as I never had before. I spend most of my life thinking that sleep is overrated. Until I am actually sleeping. Oh. Good. Lord. So. Good.

I will leave you now with a photo I took in Harajuku, Japan. I know it is a cop out – being in New York, and posting photos of Japan. I just don’t quite feel right about uploading a post without any photos at all!

I don’t know why I never included this photo in any other posts, as I really like it. It kinda remids me of the ‘woman in the red dress’ from the Matrix.

2 Responses to “Groundhog Day”

  1. Lucy

    Hawwwwt dawwwg, Mortie, pronto!!!

    How exciting for you guys! It’s great to hear you’re totally making the most of it..
    Loving your blog mamoiselle Jessi!

    big hugs

    Luci xo

    • Jessica

      Aaaah, Luci!

      I was trying to explain to one of our new friends here about how you and I would talk all ‘New Yorker’ for an entire evening.

      Haha, you have no idea how many times I have been reminded of you whilst being in New York. It is so funny how stereotypical everything here is.

      Fanks for commenting… xo


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