Sunday 26.12.2010

Dana and I arrived at New York Loft Hostel after dark.

As we climbed the stairs and exited the subway station, we were greeted by the most surreal landscape. Industrial buildings up to their ankles in snow, cars completely covered, save for their little side-view mirrors poking out haphazardly. We trudged through the snow to the hostel, checked in, once again, ditched our bags in the room, stripped off our wet layers, and went downstairs to find something to eat.

For Bene (she has specifically requested pictures of our accommodation)

We approached the dishevelled and sleepy looking guy sitting behind the front desk. Dana enquired, “Where can we get good pizza around here?” After speaking with him, we were directed to a restaurant around the corner named, ‘Roberta’s’.
We trudged back through the snow, and to be honest, actually walked past the entrance to the restaurant a couple of times before spotting it through the haze on the other side of the street we were attempting to navigate through squinted eyes. The snow was blowing furiously all around.

And the food was well worth the wait. This place is SO cool. We had: a glass of red wine, shared a cheese platter, had pizza, drank beer from a mason jar, and shared a freshly-made whisky egg nog. Ohmansofull. Neverwanttoeatagainever.

After our feast we braved the storm, which had by now increased even more in ferocity, and went back to our room.

I again, had the top bunk. I spent some time going through and deleting and editing photos of our adventure thus far, before drifting off to sleep, the laptop laying next to my body. If it were softer or a less awkward shape, I’m sure I would have woken up later during the night to find that I was cuddling it, like I often find Dana at home, sound asleep, gently cradling his guitar.

6 Responses to “Roberta’s”

  1. Georgia

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the film ‘Multiplicity’ but this post made me think “I want pihszzzzaaaaa”.

    Dana looks so cold in that last picture. I just want to pick him up and pop him in a (moderately heated) oven.

    • Dana

      Hi kevin,
      Yes we left Brooklyn on the 3rd and went straight to Washington D.C. Stayed 2 nights there and now we are in Nashville.


  2. Mum and Dad

    Man We miss those yummy Yankie pizzas they are soooooooooooooooooooooo good. try saying so, as above without loosing your breath. We know you are having the time of your life and will have many great storys not yet told to share for a very long time.
    It is awesome to be able to follow your adventures. You would make a great travel writer. I just want to go every place you have been. You make it all sound so amazing. Keep sending the photos we love them. Dana my dear boy stay warm. Wear your long johns son. Jess you looked so cute in your little red coat. Hows the record(er) sales going? Ha! we had the best laugh and have shared your miss adventure with all our friends and they too say Ha! Ha! love always and for ever.

  3. beene

    JESS~ Thank you so much for the photo. I have been so busy between being away and work i haven’t had a chance to get on here. I am now going back through all your posts and was pleasantly surprised to see the photo for me :D
    Your room looks so cool. I love it when rooms have bricks on the inside. So cool. Thats how i make all my sim houses.

    YUM pizza. And eggnog? Wow whats that like? i always see it in movies or tv shows but kinda didn’t occur to me it was a real thing. :P

    • Jessica

      That’s ok Bene. Anything for you!!

      Georgia always writes things about/for me on her blog and I mostly always miss seeing it for some reason. Until she gets cranky at me for not commenting.

      Eggnogg is great – not really ‘eggy’ as such, but kinda creamy, spicey yummy goodness.


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