Monday 27.12.2010

Dana and I awoke early-ish the next morning (7a.m.). We wanted to get ready quickly to ensure we were downstairs in time to take advantage of the free breakfast the hostel had on offer. As we walked into the flurry of the kitchen/eatery, and made our way through all the other hostel guests pushing to find a place to sit and eat their food, we were amazed at the amount of sugary cereals (if the word ‘cereal’ is even half appropriate). America loves sugar. Wow. Dana was excited to try some cereal full of tiny coloured marshmallows. I was excited about blueberry waffles and syrup and powdered ‘iced tea’ (gross, I know). Don’t you judge me now!

However, both ultimately ended up rather regrettable. So we sat for a few minutes to fight the heartburn and waited for our ‘food’ to go down. Haha. So bad.

I was amazed to look out the window to the courtyard to see snow piled up about half a metre on top of the picnic tables and the quirky shape the fluffy snow formed stacked up against the walls. It reminded me of a setting quite fitting for a Dr. Suess book. I could hear the sound of a news report coming from a TV upstairs, updating listeners about the status of the weather. Many people had been ‘snowed in’ to their homes, and no flights were able to come in or out of the airport. Dana and I were both relieved that we had arrived in New York before the blizzard had hit.

After breakfast, we packed ourselves up quickly, so we could make it to Kevin’s house before noon, as he had requested.

We made the trek, and had a little trouble navigating the correct trains, so ended up a tiny bit lost for a while there. We arrived (or rather, ran to Kevin’s house, following the directions he had emailed to us) just in the nick of time. We didn’t want to get there late and make a bad impression on our very first ever Couchsurfing host!

We were greeted at the door with warm smiles, and offerings of delicious fruit tea.

This is Kevin:

This is Shuying, fellow couchsurfer, also staying with Kevin:

The view from Kevin’s apartment window:

As Kevin is an architect, he has a real job unlike us travellers. Dana, Shuying and I left the house to explore timesquare so he could have some time to work in peace.

Near Time Square:

Checking out Manhattan:

We returned home later that evening (about 9p.m.) to find that dinner had been made for us by Kevin. We shared this with some wine and conversation, before all retiring to bed, with warm bellies and warm hearts.

Kevin’s lovely warm apartment:

Making ginger, lemon and honey tea before bed:

8 Responses to “Mr. Kevin Barnes: architect, generous host, global citizen”

    • Jessica

      yes, isn’t the tree great?? I barely had to edit that photo at all too – the colour was just so naturally vibrant.

      I have also taken a liking to lens flares – as per your influence no doubt.

  1. Katie

    This is awesome! I went to that comic book store in the photo, I got a pretty sweet green lantern comic from the 80s. That photo of the tree is super sweet as well. Ah New York! Your blog inspires me to want to know the ways of being a sweet blogger.

    • Jessica

      Hey wow, we both went to the same place. Dana and I discovered ‘The Walking Dead’ series. Dana has devoured the first four already. I really like zombies.

      You should write a blog Katie – you have so many cool things you could share. I am just figuring it out as I go along… so I am sure you would be great at it.

      Hope you’re having fun, south of the border. xx

      • Erroldo

        The Walking Dead is now an awesome TV series made by the same cable channel that makes Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It’s pretty awesome! I have both all the e-comics and tv series fyi. By the way thanks for the kids presents, they are GREAT! Thanks again guys for taking us on the journey with you, albeit through the wonders of the net.

        Saw Tron 3D last night, oh man if that movie was a woman I’d be in trouble. It was a masterpiece, don’t worry what the critics say.


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