Wednesday 29.12.2010 and Thursday 30.12.2010

The next couple of days, for me, were somewhat of a blur. My head was fevered and hot, and I was talking all nonsensical-like.

I went out with Dana on the Wednesday and was faced with terrible sadness. We visited MOMA, and I was particularly excited about the Andy Warhol video portraits exhibition. I started taking pictures on the way there on the subway, and was struck with the sickening realisation that I had left my camera memory card in the laptop. Think I would have learnt from the last time? Yeah, well, I blame you influenza!!! Gah!

Anyway, we made it to the art gallery, and by the time we got there, all I wanted to do was sit down. The day went on like this, walk a little, check on Jess (make sure she’s not dying), feed/water Jess, walk a little more, wait while Jess rests, feed Jess a sip of lemonade, wipe off the lemonade that Jess is dribbling down her own face, walk a little more, etcetera, etcetera. Yes, poor me.

By nightfall, we had made our way back to Time Square. We wanted to check out the lights. I remember sitting in the Levi’s store changeroom, whilst Dana tried on yet another pair of jeans (you gotta get exactly the right fit), and I started having a mini hallucination.

I was in a snowglobe. I was only my head, and my head was a piece of silver glitter. I was floating around, whizzing past all the other pieces of glitter (who were also nondescript faces) and saying ‘hellohowareyou’ to them all. There was very loud dance-like music (which I am sure was actually playing at the Levi’s store in the background), and all the colours were bright pink, green, blue and shiny silver.

Seriously, I mustn’t have been well.

I impulsively purchased a memory card, and I have since misplaced it. I am going to go look for it now… I abhor the idea of posting a post that doesn’t contain any relevant photos. Unfortunately, in my delirium, I am sure I didn’t take many. I was spending too much time wandering around like a zombie, trying to find a place to sit that wasn’t covered in snow.


Ok, so I have scoured all of our luggage, and found all three memory cards. And seriously, there are no photos to be found. So sad. I am sorry. :(

One Response to “Influenza Shminfluenza. How boring.”

  1. Georgia

    oh my love, i’m very sorry to read of you being unwell. you have always been the wellest (yes, this is a word) person I know. i am glad the sickness didn’t last long.


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