Friday 31.12.2010

(title inspired by Brendan Chu)

OK, SO! I am back in the land of the living. My terrible flu has turned into a mere chunky cold. Aaahhhh, this is much more manageable.

Today marks our last day with Kevin. We awoke quite early, and quite refreshed (which was nice for me, for a change). We washed some clothes – at long last. And then took a mid-afternoon train (well, trains, actually) to Ione’s house, in Booklyn, New York.

Walking to Ione’s:

We walked up the creaky stairs to Ione’s top floor townhouse apartment. And oh my goodness, She. Is. Lovely. I am just so amazed at the kindness that we have received from complete strangers. We felt super comfortable at Ione’s house. All at once, she reminded me of a girl I knew when I was a kid. This strange sense of familiarity made me feel ‘at home’ immediately.

It suddenly dawned on Dana and I, it was New Years Eve! The one thing about traveling that can be quite disorienting is the fact that after about a week or so, you start to lose all track of time/day/date/thelasttimeyouwashedyourhair.

We discussed some plans for the evening. Dana and I would have happily gone along with anything Ione and her roommates had planned, but I must say, I was so very relieved when Ione said that they weren’t planning anything huge. They had invited a few friends over, and were going to make mulled wine, mojitos and snacks, play some board games, and listen to some music.

I was secretly hoping this would be the case for our NYE in NY. After this discussion, I knew we would all get along famously.

So, with haste, we accompanied Ione to the cutest strip of shops, to purchase some supplies for our evening. I was excited to visit my very first American dollar store in about 11 years. The plasticy/cheap sugary smell of the place transported me back to my childhood. Haha, I realise that it is quite pathetic that a strong childhood memory of mine is based around such a sleazy and dusty place. But hey dangnabbit, it is hard living on $5 pocketmoney. Them’s hard times!

Dana, Ione and I were practically squealing with excitement to discover a shiny package hanging from one of the shelves, containing a 7 x 9 FOOT plastic wall poster, showcasing a picture of Time Square’s countdown AND balldrop.

We couldn’t resist the pure naff-ness of it all. We decided we could do prom photos against it later in the evening.

It is for this reason, I am including ‘dollar store’ pictures:


Withholding our change for a moment, this man warned us not to drink too much, before sending us on our way:

I knew right then, we were going to have a great NYE in NYC.

We walked back home after picking up some groceries:

And we all set up the house, ready for our ‘non-party’:

Be sure to check back tomorrow for all the photos from the evening! Yissss!

2 Responses to “NYE in NYC, NY”

  1. Stella

    Ione looks super lovely. People are so kind to open their homes to you on your travels. Though, it has to be said that you are absolutely breathtaking in that second photo, I am sure even the grumpiest grump would have happily accommodated you if you appeared on their doorstep.


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