(I wish to apologise for my recent absence! Dana and I are staying somewhere with no internet connection, and we have actually been very busy having a good time. I will endeavour to post as much as I can, whenever I get the chance. Please keep checking this space, as I have lots of stories to tell!)

Saturday 01.01.2011

We awoke at 1.00 p.m. on New Years Day. I got out of the shower to find this waiting for me on the dining room table:

I have seriously never been more grateful for a coffee in my life.

Dana and I decided to go to Coney Island for the day, which just so happened to be at the end of the train line we were situated near. Coney Island is one of the few places that I have been actively wanting to go and visit on our trip, and I was equally excited to find that it had been shut down for the winter (as it is every winter).

Really, there is nothing cooler than creepy carnie photos.

The only thing I was mildly disappointed about was the fact that we didn’t get there until quite late, and the sun was setting and the temperature was dropping much faster than I had anticipated.
Daylight was fading fast, and our breath was cold and foggy in the evening air. So we stopped quickly for our mandatory hotdog (priorities people), before walking in what we assumed would be the correct direction.

Here are said photos:

This following picture is of a game called ‘Shoot the Freak’. Made out of an old knocked-down building site, aparently in the summer months, a person is paid to run around in the empty space, whilst wearing some kind of padded overalls. Participators then pay for what I think must be paintballs to shoot at the moving target.

Um? Only in Uh-merica I guess.

And what’s a trip to Coney Island, without a picture on the train ride home??

It would have been a much better and creative train photo, if not on account of me being scared of being punched in the face.

3 Responses to “Coney Island”

  1. Georgia

    I am so glad you’ve posted again. I was starting to neurotically check the internet in hope that either you or Dana would have posted *anything* online. My mind was filled with dark happenings all stemming from that 7 hour Greyhound trip. Luckily you’ve laid to rest those fears because I was just about ready to call 000 America (911 I guess).

    I am exceptionally jealous that you went to Coney Island. I think that it might be one of the places I’d stick on my ‘to see’ list were I to visit ye old uhmerica. You got some super cool photos though so I guess I don’t actually have to visit after all.

    Don’t you think Errol would try and get hired by the ‘shoot the freak’ stall and live out his Zombie apocalypse dreams every day at work? I might suggest he moves there, I can just imagine his happy little face as he left the house for work.

    Okay, I bid you farewell. Please oh please come back and post more soon. I’d like that very much. I am really looking forward to seeing your DC photos and especially the ones from Mississippi. Gah. Will you let me just look through your entire library when you get back? I want to see them ALL!


  2. Georgia

    p.s I told Errol about this ‘Shoot the Freak’ job and his eyes got all wide and happy and he’s like ARE THEY HIRING?!?!

    • Jessica

      Haha, oh Errol. Bless.

      Georgia, I am sorry to have put you in such turmoil. I kept telling Dana, “we’ve gotta get to an internet connection, Georgia will think we’ve been killed on the greyhound.”

      But, rest assured, we are safe and OK, and having a great time.

      Lots of love to you and yours.


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