Sunday 02.01.2011 and Monday 03.01.2011

This particular Sunday was our last full day in New York, before heading off on the rest of our Journey. Next stop is Washington DC. Dana and I were really looking forward to it.

We have been put into contact with a girl named Franny (a friend of Ione and Talia’s), in DC who is happy to have us stay at her house while we are there. Since we arrived here and started our Couchsurfing journey, we are consistently surprised and humbled by people’s generosity. So far, it has made our traveling experience so rich. We are so happy we decided to do it this way!

We met Ione in the neighbourhood and got some food together, and looked around at some really cute shops. I really like Brooklyn, and would really like to come back some day.

The houses here are so cool. I want one.

We finished the evening with Ione and Meredith and went to their local bar, ‘Bar 4’, for the express purpose of their photobooth. Dana and I got these (I love gammy photobooth photos):

The next day, we caught the subway to get to the greyhound terminal, to commence the ‘road trip’ leg of our journey. Honestly, I was very nervous about travelling across Uhmerica on a Greyhound bus. I’ve heard stories.

Dana has vowed never to fall asleep on the bus, and to always take the aisle seat – just to keep me and our stuff safe.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect! Luckily, our trip from NY to DC is only 4 hours, and we were taking a daytime bus, so how bad could it be??

It didn’t turn out too bad at all. It was actually really nice to be able to sit in the one place for four hours, with nothing to distract me other than xmen comics, catching up on some writing, and staring out the window.

We arrived at Washington DC at about 6.00 p.m., and having absolutely no idea how to get anywhere, or even where we needed to be, I nervously called Franny, as Talia had given me her number. I’m still not used to calling complete strangers to ask directions to their house.

Franny kindly offered to pick us up from the Terminal, so Dana and I waited outside for her to pick us up, with our bags in a little pile near our feet. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the feeling of being on a blind date. What will she be like? Oh, I was so hoping things wouldn’t be awkward.

However, the second she arrived and we put our bags in her car, I knew we would have a great time with her. Franny is just lovely!

After stopping at an organic grocery store, we went home and all had dinner together, with Franny’s roommate Allison, and another friend from DC we actually met at the New Years party in NY, named Jodie.

Aaaah, we are having such a good time.

3 Responses to “Goodbye NY, hello DC”

  1. Mum and Dad

    What a fun time you are having. We want to come and play. The people you have met are very blessed to have met such awesome Ausies as you both are. What great ambasadors you are for Australia. Hey you should talk to the Presedent while in DC and let him know your available. The photos are great, keep clicking. love you both oodles and lots eternity and beyond.
    Mum, Dad

  2. lisa

    mum and dad.. WISH U WERE HERE ALSO! love seein jess and dana.. its absolutely amazingg!!!!

  3. bene

    Uhh i am so jealous! You guys sound like you’re having the greatest time> :)

    Australia’s houses are so boring compared to all the houses there!


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