Tuesday 04.01.2011 and Wednesday 05.01.2011

Washington is beautiful. I love all the old houses and buildings here. Unfortunately, Dana and I only ended up spending two full days in DC, so there is still a lot we would like to come back and see one day.

Dana and I spent Tuesday morning in Franny’s dining room, chatting with her and sipping on coffee, learning about American culture. As I have said before, it has been so great to learn about the places we visit from people who actually live there.

Franny is a beautiful person. Generous in both conversation and action. We are so happy she has shared her house with us.

She let me take these photos:

I love this house. And all the lovely old houses here.
After this, Dana and I headed off to see some of the Smithsonian museums, and areas surrounding.

Again with the cool houses… on the way to the subway.

Feeling a little space age, right about now.

Washington Monument. It is about now I start feeling like I am reliving Forrest Gump.

Robot man street art, right outside the Whitehouse.

On Wednesday, after running about and doing some errands (and by errands, I mean, posting a large box of things home that we have acquired along our trip [including Dana’s large and very warm winter coat, because, “It is only going to get warmer the further South we travel”]. I was very sad to discover after packaging, bubble-wrapping, and addressing said box that the cost of posting it would be $137. Yikes. Sad face.), Dana and I met up with Franny for lunch (ethiopian, followed by pineapple coconut cake – Yusss). We then spent the rest of the afternoon with Franny before she dropped us back off at the Greyhound terminal, for our overnight trip to Nashville, Tennessee. 17 hours straight.

One Response to “Franny”

  1. bene

    that photo of you at the pointy thing (shameful that i don’t know what that is called) is SO good. Really, so nice. I would totes purchase a postcard like that. :)

    And holy craaap! $137? That’s unfortunate.

    And and and that house with the red wall. O___O SO AMAZING.


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