I am sorry about my slackness in posting. I really wanted to post everyday. But I am feeling rather behind and pressured. We have done so many cool things and I really want to share it all with you!! Thank you all for your patience. It is appreciated.

So here it is… one MEGA post on Nashville, Tennessee. It comes in two parts. The second, I will post tomorrow.

Friday 07.01.2011 to Saturday 08.01.2011

Nashville was filled with many musical outings. It only seems fitting that we stay in a house full of musicians.

Every night, when we were not out and about gallivanting and participating in raucous behaviour, we were gently rocked to sleep by the sound of some sort of musical ambition. Be it recording the part in a song for cymbals, vocals, guitar or drums, it soon became a familiar and welcome bedtime addition.

Dana and I spent much of our time in Nashville being chauffer driven/toured around town by Oscar’s roommate (also a well-travelled couchsurfer), Chris. It is kindnesses like these that make our trip as great as it has been so far.

Our second day in Nashville (Friday) saw some delicious pancakes for breakfast, Dana’s first taste of grits (he didn’t like them at all) and a spot of shopping.

The day concluded with a gig at a nearby club called ‘The Basement’, which surprisingly, is in the basement of an old converted house. Upstairs is the famous ‘Grimey’s’ record store which, just a couple of days later, spent way too much money in.

Anyway, we saw a gig… here are some photos. Sorry, it was very dark in there…

On Saturday, it was cold. It was so cold, it made me cry. Damn this weather. – 10 degrees Celcius. What the?? I literally wore two pairs of tights, long wooly socks, jeans, my doc martens, a singles, two long sleeved tops, a thick cardigan, my red winter coat, gloves and a beanie, and still, I felt as cold as I would have been if I were naked. My god.

Some days, I feel very sorry for Dana – who always patiently puts up with my constant whining.

Oscar dropped us of at the coolest place: Third Man Records. The recording studio/ Record store of Jack White III. I felt rather starstruck, to be honest. I was all at once happy and sad that the man himself wasn’t actually there. I really don’t like meeting famous people. I always come away feeling like such a goof.

Anyway, we bought some records (wouldn’t want to break tradition), and then took these photos outside…

Then we walked to what we thought was the nearest Goodwill thrift store. It was here that it was so cold I cried. Don’t be deceived by the pictures, I realise they look super sunny and clear, but in reality, it was like, sunny death freeze. I know that’s not a real description. But it was so cold, I think I have permanent brain damage – which is keeping me from having the appropriate vocabulary to provide a good outline for you.

So, we braved the weather. The kind of weather that makes you cry, and makes cold clear and runny snot pour out of your nose. And we found the address where Goodwill was supposed to be. But it turns out that it wasn’t located there anymore. And If it were there, it wasn’t actually a store, just a small employment office. Oh so sad.

So, poor Oscar, the cold got so bad, we called him, and he came to pick us up. It was very nice of him, and I felt guilty on relying on him like this.

It is for this reason that I am looking forward to having a house of my own one day, so Dana and I can return all these lovely favours people have done for us, to other couchsurfers.

Later in the evening, my winter blues were cheered quite significantly. By a place called Robert’s Western World. Admittently, the only honky tonk bar I have been to, it was still certainly the greatest in the world.

The band let me take photos of them. Take note of Pappy with the fiddle – he (apparently) has a thing for redheads. “Even had two at once back in the day.” He looked over at Dana and slyly asked, “Is that your boyfriend??” When he found out Dana was in fact, my husband, I have never seen such an old person go such a shade of red.

At least I know I’ve still ‘got it’. Or maybe he just needed thicker glasses. I am sticking with the first.

It was a really really fun night.

4 Responses to “The buckle of the Bible belt: Part I”

  1. Justin

    This made me smile lots :)
    to be honest, 10-15 degree but sunny weather is like my favourite.. ever.
    Also, Robert’s looks awesome. I reckon I’d love it.

    Also, the clear runny snot is actually tears draining into (and then out of) your nose.. so the crying probably didn’t help that.. Just so you know.. haha

    Hope you guys are having mad fun.. Can’t wait for more posts!


    • Jessica

      This comment made me smile lots!

      Yes, 10 – 15 degree weather would be UHmazing… This particular day though, not so much. It was NEGATIVE 10 degrees Celsius. In the sun. When it isn’t windy. And it WAS windy.

      Therefore = dead.

      It was the kind of cold that really tempts you to pee your pants. Just for the warmth.

      So I guess my nose was crying as well as my eyes??

  2. Georgia

    You know what’s really lucky? That you happened to marry a male model to look great in all your super stylish photos! I feel repetitive saying that I feel repetitive saying that I like all your photos so much… it’s just… I DO!

    I am sorry you guys got so cold. I know this is from the post ahead but I feel especially bad for poor Dana having shipped his coat back ~home~ (though it pains me to acknowledge that place as your ‘home’). He doesn’t even have much body fat to keep him warm either.

    I laughed out loud when I read what you said to Dana about wanting to pee in your pants. Ha. Miss your crazy face.


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