Sunday 09.01.2011

By Sunday, it was snowing, which isn’t a surprise, seeing as though it has been so terribly cold. I am actually a bit miffed about this weather, as we had assumed that the further south we travelled, the warmer the weather would become. Dana even shipped his winter coat back to Adelaide. And I know, severely regretted this decision immediately after arriving in Nashville. This part calls for an ‘I told you so’ from me. I try to reserve these for the most poignant of occasions, and this, my friends, is certainly one of them.

We went to Grimey’s record store, and the place was filled with so many cool kats, that I felt embarrassed to take photos. Dumb, I know. Instead I bought a lot of records. So it was a pretty sweet trade. As we left, the guy who served us said, “well, since you’ve spent so much money here, I’ll give you both a free Grimey’s tshirt if you like.”

Something about freeeeeeee stuff always makes me squeal with excitement.

The next day, on Monday, we were set to leave Nashville for Jackson, Mississippi. I was very much looking forward to this.

Because it had snowed, unbeknownst to us, all the buses had been cancelled. Oscar and Chris dropped us off at the bus terminal at about 9.30am, and we entered a dirty station full of people sleeping up against duffel bags, plus a token dirty, crying toddler wandering around drinking from a Dr. Pepper bottle.

There was a long lineup at the information/ticket desk, which displayed a sign saying, “Back at 12.00”. Hmm. There were lots of cranky people, all who didn’t know what to do with themselves. There were no employees giving people information.

After an hour, we spotted a Greyhound employee, and practically had to crash-tackle her to the ground to squeeze any information out of her. We discovered that there would be no buses to Jackson that day, and that she had no idea when they would be up and running again.


So we called Chris, who came and picked us up again. O_o By this point, we were feeling particularly guilty, but still very thankful that we weren’t stranded like all the other poor souls at the terminal. I overheard one guy telling someone that he had been waiting there since 9.00 p.m. the night before.

Chris took us to a shop, and we bought some candy and MY NEW FAVOURITE GAME EVER, Bananagrams. We then spent too many hours in a lovely wooden café named the Frothy Monkey, drinking bottomless coffee, and playing round after round.

The rest of the evening was spent with Chris and Oscar at their place. Dana and I ordered pizza, and Oscar and Chris picked up some beer from the grocery store (only about $8 for a SIX PACK, can you believe it??!). We ate and drank, listened to Talking Heads, and played more Bananagrams.

The next day, the buses were back up and running. Yay! So in the morning, Dana and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood.

And after this, we, once again, got dropped off at the Greyhound terminal, and commenced our journey to Jackson, Mississippi (this time for real).

The photo below is the view I awoke to in the early hours of the morning, whilst on the bus, somewhere between Memphis and Jackson. Kinda makes it all worthwhile…

One Response to “Buckle of the Bible belt: Part II”

  1. Mum and Dad

    We are blessed to know that all is well- even if it is coooooold. Have you made snow angels yet? The people you have stayed with are truely awesome. What a treat to be able to experiance the day in the life of Oscar and Chris. Wow! what a treat. When they become famous you will be able to sit and tell storys of the good old days when you spent time with them both and ate pizza and drank beer that cost less than any pizza in Australia. I want to know about that game you played bananagrams. We have gotten heaps of news about you on face book. Jo, Theresa and Rita all posted news about you. All said how beautiful you are. (tell me something I dont already know)
    You return on the 6th Can we pick you up Im not working that weekend. Have heaps of news to tell you both.


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