Thursday 13.01.2011

Title inspired by Aaron LaRue

We stayed up late on Wednesday night with Aaron and his friends; Chris, Sarah, and Tubbs. After Aaron took us to his church, we went back to his house and ate THE best steak I have ever had. We stayed up late chatting, until Aaron sent them all home. “Ok, you guys can leave now.”

This boy makes me laugh.

So, we went to bed. And We Slept. Oh boy, did we ever. This was the first proper-in-real-life-for-real BED Dana and I had slept on since 26 December. We didn’t wake until 11.30 the next morning, much despite my original intention of not wasting my time here in Mississippi on sleeping.

Aaron took us to Frisco Deli for lunch. I grew up eating at this place, especially with my dad, when mum was at work, or away so she couldn’t scoff at him for feeding me such unhealthy food. I used to love coming here on dates with my dad.

Frisco Deli

And the cutest guy I have ever met, skipped over to me and asked if I would take a photo of his tattoo. I obliged (who wouldn’t). After which he asked, “Does this mean I am going to be famous on the internet?”

Well, dear Sir, I guess it does. (Sorry, the focusing isn’t quite right)

Show us your tatts

After eating too much a lovely un-gluttonous lunch, Aaron took us on a drive right past the school we both used to go to. We met here in 2nd grade. As we were driving past, one of our old teachers walked right out the front. I was delighted to see Mrs. Theresa! She squealed with excitement when she realised who I was, and came right up to me and gave me a big hug around the neck. I was very happy to have had this random encounter.

As a child, we actually lived next door to Mrs. Theresa. I remember going with her to see the Christmas light displays on Christmas eve, and finding a dollar note in the back of her car (yes, I probably kept it – sorry Mrs. Theresa). I also remember being babysat at her house, and playing with her black puppy named Duncan.

I am so glad to have run into this lovely lady.

Mrs. Theresa

Today, Aaron also showed Dana and I the finer things of Pearl Mississippi. He calls this part, ‘Redneck extravaganza’. Seriously, everybody I have met so far in the south owns a gun. And not just those hunting kind of guns, but those pistol BustACapInYo’Ass kind of guns. Aaron pulled his from under his driver’s seat, and I pretty much wet myself a little. And not in the good way. Or in Aaron’s words: I “wigged out”. A fair description.

He decided to take us to a couple of the many places that one can purchase such an item from.

And oh my. That is all I have to say about that. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Moose head

Redneck extravaganza

Pappy had tickets to the gun show…

Gunslinger Pappy


And more, at Robert’s Western World:

Sad stuffed raccoon

Eat my face

Redneck extravaganza day


I realise this one is not in focus, but it still begs to be posted. Got Camo??

Got camo?

Crazy eyed bobcat

South for the winter...


The funniest part was (and not so much in relation to the guns) Dana’s reaction. Dana was MORE excited here than when he first saw the snow in new york. Something has happened to my husband. He is turning redneck. What have I done to him by bringing him here???

I also desperately want to include something we saw on the side of the road. I was all at once amazed and disgusted, in a sense of detached vulgar curiosity (I am sorry Mum, you might not like these ones) (either that, or you’ll be severely impressed):



2 Responses to “Redneck Extravaganza Day”

  1. Georgia

    This really is a redneck extravaganza, isn’t it?

    I especially love the inclusion of the carcass at the end of the post. Thank you. It made a love addition to my breakfast time. Yum.

    I am loving all these photos Jess. I can’t wait to see all the other ones that are hiding on your computer. xx

  2. Mark&Sue

    Love you guys heaps, love reading your stuff too.

    That ‘bobcat (?) has the most descriptive expression on it’s face – perfectly describing the act of taxidermy.

    Miss ya guts


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