Thursday 10.02.2011

I am pretty disappointed that I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time. Spending almost a week on a distant Fijian island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has (unregrettably) made connecting to the internet rather difficult.

I know I am skipping ahead of the flow that I have created. After we stayed in Mississippi, we went to Austin Texas, followed by Los Angeles, and finally Waya Island in Fiji.

I spent my first night in my own bed on Tuesday night. I almost cried when I walked through the customs gates at the airport when I spotted my mum and dad’s smiling and expectant faces.

It feels like I have been gone forever. Driving home, I felt like I was in a fog. It was like rewatching a dream you remember well. But all the edges are a little fuzzy.

This probably did have a lot to do with lack of sleep and over-exposure to the sun, but it was there nonetheless.

I can’t stop thinking about how this (being Brisbane) is not my home anymore. We are in-betweeners. And I know I won’t feel at ‘home’ again until we are settled in Adelaide. Living with my sister and my nephews.

Once we arrived back at my parent’s place, I laid in bed for the longest time last night. It was after midnight. Feeling quite bewildered at what is to come. I kept trying to make mental lists of what I needed to do, but the lists kept getting foggy in my head, and I would forget what I had already mentally written on them.

SO. Here we go. I am going to continue posting about the rest of my trip – we had an amazing time, and there is lots I am really looking forward to showing you.

After these posts have been updated, my focus for the blog will change. I want to document what is to come in my life. My husband and I are moving from one city to another – a place where we will be starting new.

We don’t know how we will get there, or when exactly, but that is the exciting part.

3 Responses to “An Interlude”

  1. Kevin Barnes

    WELCOME HOME!!! You two are missed here in the US. We need more great tourists like the two of you are are really like the good family members we like in so many ways.

  2. Georgia

    What are you talking about? Home is where the heart is, and your hearts are staying here with us and our babies, RIGHT? Right? Starfish?


    *sets self on fire*

  3. Ruthy

    thanks for sharin your head an ur heart with us thru your journey its been fun following you guys ! xxLuv you Mrs Ashford


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