I am overwhelmed with an insistent internal dialogue.

I may be schitzophrenic, but for the moment I like it.


Oh my heart.

Being here feels so organic to me. I feel like I am a plant. And that I was plucked from my soily trove so many years ago.

I had never truly felt planted since.

Adelaide is fresh rich soil to my soul. Already I can feel my roots nestling comfortably into the earth beneath.

I am peace. I am calmness. I am home.

A crafty spider, and her web.

Rain drops on the windscreen.

Beautiful, shiny apples grown in my sister’s garden

5 Responses to “Adelaide”

  1. Ashay (Favourite Cousin)

    You are such an amazing photographer Jessica. Teach me your ways. And I also want to om nom nom on one of those apples right now.

    I miss you!
    I want to visit you!

  2. bene

    That apple looks so damn fine.
    I miss you jess! When’re you coming back?

    • Jessica

      Aaah, Bean.

      I have no plans in the near future to return. I am sorry.

      But, these apples were super delicious.

      All thanks no doubt to my nephews’ eager daily contribution of ‘fertiliser’ wee to the apple tree.

      There is something rather satisfying about eating something you know nothing foreign has touched. Other than backyard spiders and grubby boy fingers of course.

      When are YOU coming to adelaide?? You sure would like it here.

  3. danwa

    your photography is beautiful.

    thank you for forsaking your blogging duties and abandoning your new Mac for two weeks back in Brisbane.

    I like your apples, by the way.

  4. Jenna

    Hey Sister, I am glad you have found your native soil.
    I am looking forward to finding to settling in our own soil. Traveling is fun though for a little while anyways =)


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