For quite some time now, I have been meaning to post about one of my favourite things about living in Adelaide.

It is something I look forward to every single week.

(It also provides me with a massive dose of emotional contraceptive ;) )

Every Sunday night, I go to my brother’s house for dinner and a sleep over. And then on Monday when everyone goes to work, I get to have little Sydnee all to myself.

She is very lovely and squishy, and doesn’t seem to mind too much that all I do (besides cuddling her extra tight) is take photos of her.

Here are some of my favourites:

Sydnee (9 of 9)
Strawberry face.

Sydnee (8 of 9)
Those. Thighs. Squishyest ever. I love it how babies get rolls where they don’t even bend!

Sydnee (7 of 9)
She’ll place this in my lap, and ask me to read it to her. “Book?!”

Sydnee (6 of 9)
Lovely long black lashes.

Sydnee (5 of 9)
Who would have known that Cheds *actually* fix everything?

Sydnee (2 of 9)
Little granny in her backyard

Sydnee (1 of 9)
Negotiating with her newest skill – walking

Sydnee (3 of 9)
Prettiest. Baby. Ever.

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