This past week Dana and I have been extremely lucky and delighted to have our old friend Roman visiting us from Brisbane.

Roman seemed to bring not only himself to Adelaide, but also a strong sense of home.

It is funny that even though we have only been in Adelaide a relatively short time, you really start to miss the feeling of home. Especially when you and your husband have been sleeping on the floor in your room on your sister’s spare single mattress and a swag for most of your new life somewhere.

(But don’t feel sorry for us, we were generously given a bed by a new friend about two weeks ago)

We have been busy trying to get out and make new friends. And it has been fun. But there is something special about being around an old friend. You don’t need to think of interesting things to talk about, you don’t have those slightly awkward silences floating around in the air, you can just be.

It was really wonderful to see how happy and excited Dana was to have his best friend staying over. We ate awesome Adelaide food, drank litres of cider and Coopers Pale (I love that it is on tap everywhere here. Bless.), and stayed up too late gallivanting about the place.

Here are some photos from when we went to a place called Port Willunga and Sellics Beach. This is beautiful wine country that straddles a stark and bleak coastline with dusty undertones of blue and orange. It is one of my favourite places to visit, and is only about 50 minutes from the city.

Sellics Beach (1 of 5)

Sellics Beach (2 of 5)

Sellics Beach (4 of 5)

Sellics Beach (5 of 5)
Our new friend Su. She works in the cafe with Dana.

Sellics Beach (3 of 5)