The great thing about having people come and visit you, is that you get to show them around to all of the cool places you know. For me, having Roman stay was a good reminder of just how cool Adelaide is.

There are so many awesome places to visit, no more than an hour out of the city. For some reason, all of the Adelaidens I have gotten to know here (including my family) consider any thing over a 20 minute drive to be “aAAAaaaaaaaages awayyyy”. To someone who grew up in Brisbane, this just seems ludicrous to me!

When Dana and I lived in Brisbane, I would drive to work in Bulimba from my home in Cleveland, and it would take me about 40 minutes if the traffic was good. And we would also have no qualm with visiting our best friends every weekend on the Northside (a trip that would take us 1.5 hours each way) (we could have taken the highway and cut our travel time in half, but that would mean paying a toll. I am morally opposed to paying tolls, and have a very patient husband – so we would always go the longer way.)

So, (sorry about my blah blah-ing) Dana and I took Roman to the German town of Hahndorf – it took just under 30 minutes to get there from home including a quick stop at the Central Markets in the city to get some roasted nuts for the ‘biglongtrip’.

Hahndorf (1 of 20)

Our main purpose of this trip to Hahndorf was to go to a pub called ‘The German Arms’. Where we drank very large glasses of cider, and ate ridiculously huge meaty meals (which ultimately formed part of the reason we decided to do a juice detox for this week – but more of that later).

Hahndorf (13 of 20)

I normally abhor photos of food, but this one kinda begged me to be put up:
Hahndorf (14 of 20)

We had a lovely time, well I did, despite the chilly Adelaide Hills weather.

Also, most excitingly, we happened upon a dingy op-shop on the main street which was surprisingly awesome. There was a grand selection of chunky, woolen, ugly cardigans and I found this gem for ONLY $3.50.

Hahndorf (18 of 20)Hahndorf (19 of 20)

My consequent visit to the back room of the store was met by me with a high-pitched “Squeeeee!”

You see, for the past few years now, I have been steadily building a collection of stoneware dinner plates (circa 1970’s). I do however, have some regulations that I follow for this:

1. I am only allowed to purchase single plates at a time
2. I am not allowed to break up an existing set – plates can only be purchased if they are already lonely
3. Plates purchased must have some sort of floral motif

This is the one I picked (isn’t she lovely?):
Hahndorf (20 of 20)

Here are some more photos from our day:

Hahndorf (17 of 20)

Hahndorf (16 of 20)

Hahndorf (15 of 20)

Hahndorf (12 of 20)

Hahndorf (11 of 20)

Hahndorf (10 of 20)

Hahndorf (9 of 20)

Hahndorf (8 of 20)

Hahndorf (5 of 20)

Hahndorf (3 of 20)

Hahndorf (2 of 20)

Hahndorf (4 of 20)
Champions we are.

4 Responses to “Hahndorf and op-shoppy goodness”

    • Jessica

      Thank you!

      I very recently *accidentally* dyed my hair dark brown. I do like it, but, ohboowoohoo how I miss my red hair!

      • Sian

        I find it very difficult to believe anything happens to your hair accidentally ;)

        I do however sympathise with that ohboowoohoo feeling. I had that very same one when I was 14 and cut all my locks off with one snip of my pony tail. I hope it passes soon for you as it did for me.

        • Jessica

          I did that when I was 14 too, except I just chopped a huge chunk out of the hair around the front of my face. I wailed for hours, and made such a hullaballoo that my mum took me to the hairdressers. I was left with a very short bob. I didn’t think it looked too bad until my dad got home from work, and upon laying eyes on me exclaimed, “OH NO, WHATHAVEYOUDONETOYOURHAIR!??!”

          Tears ensued.

          And I’m sure my mum gave him a good talking to about tact.

          Having reflected upon that, accidental brown doesn’t seem to bad after all.


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