How to make a great birthday for your sister:

1. Book a fancy schmancy hotel room with a view.
birthday (3 of 12)

2. Get her some cute presents.
birthday (1 of 12)

3. Invite her best friend (and her best friend’s oldest daughter)
birthday (4 of 12)
birthday (2 of 12)

4. Buy new pyjamas
birthday (6 of 12)birthday (5 of 12)

5. Buy Haigh’s chocolate
birthday (7 of 12)

6. Drink pink champagne
birthday (8 of 12)

7. Eat chocolate and cheese
birthday (10 of 12)birthday (9 of 12)

8. Enjoy!
birthday (11 of 12)
birthday (12 of 12)

4 Responses to “Michelle’s Birthday”

  1. Sian

    Your post-processing is quite lovely & Michelle is very lucky to have you.

    • Jessica

      I’m glad you liked the photos! Sometimes I stare at them for such a time, that I just don’t know anymore.

      I do think that *I* am the lucky one. That sister of mine is a bit of alright!

  2. Nella

    I just wanted to let you know how beautiful these photos are and how precious I think this birthday treat is. I am quite jealous, I wish my sister would do this for me.

    • Jessica

      Thank you for your comment Nella.

      Oh, it was a nice time! I am rather lucky to have such a lovely sister – she has done so much for me, so she deserves this and more.

      And sometimes we all just need a girly weekend away. ;)


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