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For our two year anniversary (on the 6th of June), Dana and I bought ourselves tickets to see one of the best Australian bands out there at the moment – The Middle East.

Listen to three songs from their new album, “I Want That you are Always Happy” here:

‘The Hunger Song’ is my personal favourite from the album. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Their music tastes of melodic, melancholic, folky Australiana. If you haven’t heard them, you definitely should go listen now. Don’t even read the rest of this post. I won’t mind!

Mike H, the band’s drummer, played for us at our wedding, and we have kept in contact with him ever since, always making sure to go and see him play if he happens to visit the town we are in at the time.

So last Friday (1o June) we went to see their sold-out gig – and it was beautiful. The seven members filled the stage with energy and ambiance, and everyone in the crowd left with a smile. It was a multi-instrumental affair, sporting guitars, a banjo, a ukulele, a lovely piano accordion, a drum set, a piano, a flute, a trumpet, a harmonica, a range of other percussion trinkets, as well as strong layered vocals. Euphonic bliss!

As we were sitting with some of the band, having a beer before their set started (yes, I was drinking coopers pale – as per usual), we invited them to come and have breakfast/coffee the following morning at the cafe Dana works at in the Adelaide Central Markets before catching their mid-morning flight to Melbourne, the next stop in their tour.

The next morning, they stumbled in all bleary eyed and slightly delirious, and we chatted with them about this and that, whilst imbibing coffee/juice/other Adelaidey yummy goodness, and it was lovely.

So, if you haven’t heard their music, and you are looking for something new to listen to, go and have a listen. Not only do they make beautiful music, but they are also a pretty nice little group of fellas.

(Note: Band photo above is missing the bass player Jack Saltmiras – as he was staying with family in Adelaide)