Thrifty Thursday – noun
Pronounced: Thrifty |ˈθriftē| Thursday |ˈθərzˌdā; -dē|
1. A day to which posts based on thriftiness are uploaded for your viewing pleasure, be it op-shop discoveries, crafty projects or yummy new recipes…


Let’s be honest here, moving away from the place I essentially grew up in is hard. I miss my best friends, I miss my mum and dad, I miss the little things, the big things, and I also miss having a good income.

It is really easy, and very tempting for me to get quite despondent about this situation, and I think I have spent a few too many days moping about.

I have been realising over the past few weeks, that this stinky attitude of mine is doing me no good! I am actually selling myself short.

So: Thrifty Thursdays now come to you, as my first initiative in my new project – a happy, fulfilling, conscientious, healthy, productive life.

I do hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I am going to enjoy sharing it with you.


Thrifty Thursday Numero Uno:

So, Adelaide is bloody cold. Coming from Brisbane, I have soon realised that I do not possess quite appropriate attire to abide within such a climate. Some days lately, I have been feeling entirely cold to the bone.

So I decided, this is as good an excuse as any: I am going op-shopping.

This particular day, Dana was working at the markets. I decided to take myself on a little drive to Glenelg – to visit Save the Children’s op-shop. (I secretly love op-shopping alone – mainly because I can spend as long as I like staring at myself in the mirror, and also because of the apparent lack of any sort of external ‘voice of reason’.)

Upon entering the store, I was greeted by two cheeky ladies, and was well entertained by the banter that was going back and forth between them.

Op-shop assistants

So I piled my arms with could-be purchases, and on the way to the change room, I was distracted by something orange and furry – a nice old Kangol hat. Yep, he came with me too.

I have recently developed quite a liking to finding lovely old blouses. The fabrics are usually much thicker, the stitching much stronger and the buttons much more interesting than many of the things you can find in retail today – unless of course you don’t mind spending an arm and a leg! (I normally wouldn’t mind, but currently, I am down to only two arms and two legs, so it probably wouldn’t be wise at the moment. Think, two month overseas holiday followed by interstate move, only casual work, and ridiculousdeathterriblecreditcarddebtblah.)

Here are some of the things I tried on:

cream blousered blousemustard blouse

After it all, I didn’t end up getting the mustard blouse, but I did get the red and the white ones, the orange hat and some beautiful old lacy slips. (They weren’t quite appropriate for display – it’s not that kind of ‘viewing pleasure’ ;) .) Total bill = $26.

Here’s the hat, and GAH, how cute is that bow?!
orange hatbow

Shopping for recycled clothing and goodies always leaves me feeling uplifted and in such a cheerful mood!

If you just so happen to be an Adelaiden, you should visit this op-shop yourself.

The Deets:
Address: 101 Partridge St, Glenelg South
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am-4pm, Saturday 9am-12noon
Main type of goods: Mens’ and Women’s clothing and accessories
Stock distribution: They mainly sell what is donated in store, but sometimes contact nearby stores for certain stock if they don’t have any of that particular item.
My rating out of ten: 8/10 – friendly staff, good range, and a relatively swift turnover

That’s it for this first Thrifty Thursday, there will be more usual posts throughout the week, but be sure to check out the next instalment in another seven sleeps.

x Jessica

Ps. Please don’t be shy – I love reading your comments. Go ahead and share some lovin’.

4 Responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Post # 1 – Save the Children”

  1. Alanna

    Aw Jess I can’t wait to see every Thursday now! This is going to be a great series! Love the white blouse :) x

    • Jessica

      Yes, I am having a great time with it. Now my only problem is deciding which things to post about next. So many options! The white blouse is so lovely and soft.

      Thanks for commenting Alanna. :) x

  2. Sian

    Oh! This sounds like such a good project for you, I really hope it settles you into feeling fulfilled. I am sorry you’re feeling blue. I know those feelings well, moving to a new place, missing your friends.

    I really love that blouse in the first photo and was very happy to hear you purchased it. The mustard one was a little… masculine. But in a good way… like in a Ivan from the L word way. I am already looking forward to your next edition.

    Maybe you shouldn’t find a job down there and just blog instead :P I am going to be a little sad when you’re working and too busy to spend days in OP shops taking photos.

  3. Jessica

    Aaah, ha ha ha. I lol’d at your link. I have only got season 1 of L word, but it was pretty good. And plus, who wouldn’t want a quiff like that?!

    I do realize that I am pretty lucky to have all this free time to mooch about, go opshopping, read comics, and take fotos. And I know I’ll really miss it when I’m working again.

    I’ll definitely keep up the blog though. I’ve come so far!

    Hope you had a great weekend. X


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