Today I would like to post about someone who is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I know. My sister-in-law Samantha.

A week ago, on the Monday public holiday, she and I took a little trip to the Blackwood Forest Reserve. This place is amazing. Only in movies have I ever seen another forest like it.

The spindly pines reach high into the sky, and the forest floor is carpeted by lush green clover, dotted by ‘Alice in Wonderland-esque’ little mushrooms.

This particular forest is just down the road from the house that my cousin, Auntie and Uncle live. And they have lived here for longer than I can remember.

As a child, my cousin Cody and I would go on adventures into the forest. Playing here with him is amongst my fondest memories. We would make teepees out of the fallen logs and pine needles, and huddle inside with contriban pilfered from his kitchen (i.e. chocolates, chips and the like).

On the other side of the forest was a steep hill with a house atop of it. It was all boarded up and chained, and my cousin and I would spend hours trying to break in with tools we would sneak from his dad’s collection.

As I lived away from my cousin (my parents and I moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland when I was five, and then to Mississippi when I was seven, then to The Central Coast of NSW when I was 11), it became a rather serious tradition for us to attempt to break into this place.

We went through multiple attempts on multiple visits, year after year, until one day we had victory! I was fifteen. We pried away some of the corregated iron and snuck in onto the back porch. The floor boards had rotted away, so we had to step gingerly. It was very creepy. There were rooms with huge gaping holes in the floor, which we wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for our handy dandy flashlight. Some of the walls in some of the rooms had been scorched. It was altogether creepy and amazing. For Cody and I, we had achieved a life long goal.

Aaanyway, since coming of age, I have always wanted to go back to this forest and take pictures. The old house has been demolished, sadly. As I wouldn’t mind having another crack at prying my way in.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Samantha. The funny thing is, that the more I look at her, in pictures and in real life, the more beautiful she becomes.

I would also like to point out that I do not own Adobe Photoshop. So the only processing on these photos comes from Adobe Lightroom and nothing has been ‘retouched’ – which means that Samantha’s skin is really that amazing.

Damn you incredible skin and bone structure!! And what’s worse, is that she is a genuinely lovely person on the inside too! Lucky she is related to me, or I would definitely have mega jealousy issues. Perhaps by being related, I can absorb the flawlessness via osmosis? No?

spin 3spin 1spin 2

dotty 1dotty 2


in my head




visagedead legs



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4 Responses to “Samantha”

  1. dave

    lovely pictures, but i get to look at the real thing every day! I is one lucky boy:)

    Jess, you are so sweet you made me cry! The photos are fabulous. Love and kisses, Sam.

  2. kathy

    wow wow wow what more can I say the photos of Samantha are beautiful.

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