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Thrifty Thursday Number Two:

Firstly, I would love to thank all of you who had a look at my first Thrifty Thursday post last week. I found it very encouraging! Having finished the first post, I was left feeling quite inspired. This thing is going to be great! So I want to thank you all in advance for your comments and support etc. etc.

So, over the past few weeks I have commenced what could be referred to as ‘opshopfrenzy’. I have been spending my pocket money wisely on lovely little things from op-shops. I am constantly amazed at the volume of cute things still around in these places.

Luckily for me, Adelaide is home to a very ageing population. Which means there is a heck of a lot of cool retro stuff still cycling around. Squee! So far, I haven’t been to a thrift store where I haven’t found at least one awesome thing.

The best kind of stores are the ones that are operated independently, like in little church halls, or dusty little hovels in outdoor strip-malls. I like these better because the stock isn’t distributed to other places. I like the places that only sell whatever they receive in donations. I am not altogether very fond of most Vinnies or Salvos stores. When clothing charities get large enough to distribute, their stores get larger, and their prices can get a little expensive. There’s almost nothing more annoying to me than to walk into an op-shop and see a ‘labels rack’ laden with Billabong jeans and Country Road jumpers covered in lint balls.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Billabong, or Country Road for that matter, but I get stuck on the fact that a Country Road jumper will cost $15, where another similar jumper with no brand printed on the tag will be only $5. What a wrought!


Here’s the part where I self-contradict: Having said all that, I am posting about four op-shop visits this week. One to Vinnies in Brighton, two to the Salvos in Brighton and Glenelg, and another to Sunflower in Goodwood. Although some things in these shops were a little overpriced and categorized, like I said before, I am still yet to visit an op-shop where I leave empty handed.

And in the sum of all things, it is all for charity, so I should probably stop being such a windbag.


Store 1: St Vincent de Paul, Brighton

Remember how I said last week that I was just a little bit into blouses? Well, I found some at this store. Yiss!

They were $5 each, so… I splurged and bought both:
opshop (13 of 14)opshop (12 of 14)

And I wore one of them out to a pub later that night:
opshop (11 of 14)

And SKORTS! Naturally, for $7, I got those too. ;)
opshop (14 of 14)

And these beautiful clip on earrings. (You really know that something is great when your big brother describes it as “F*&$#@% UGLY”. I love you Dave.)
opshop (2 of 14)

The Deets:
Address: 367 Brighton Road, Brighton
Main type of goods: Mens’ and Women’s clothing and accessories, and some furniture and bric-a-brac
My rating out of ten: 5/10 – They did have some pretty cool mustard stools there, but most of the clothing was from the late 90s and the staff seemed just a little bit disinterested.


Store 2: Salvation Army Store, Brighton

I found this awesome lamp. I absolutely LOVE anything made from amber coloured glass.
opshop (4 of 14)

I also bought some mustard scarves there, which are displayed collectively with others down below.

The Deets:
Address: 429 Brighton Road, Brighton
Main type of goods: Mens’ and Women’s clothing and accessories
My rating out of ten: 6/10 – The staff were very kind and there were a LOT of clothes.


Store 3: Salvation Army Store, Glenelg

For a Salvos, this is definitely the best I have ever been to. I have visited it on a number of occasions during visits to (6 of 28)

Here’s Shelley and I:
blog (4 of 28)blog (5 of 28)

Michelle got a SUEDE skirt… aaah, hasn’t she got the loveliest, tiniest little body you have ever seen?!
blog (9 of 28)

Here’s some cute things I got there:
stuff (5 of 6)stuff (2 of 6)

stuff (4 of 6)

stuff (1 of 6)

And I got this dress:
stuff (6 of 6)

Also, this is a dress I got from there a few years ago. I am kind of in love with it, and the pretty floral print. I really like peachy colours!
opshop (5 of 14)opshop (6 of 14)

The Deets:
Address: 43 Broadway, Glenelg
Main type of goods: Mens’, Women’s and Children’s clothing and accessories, and some furniture, kids toys, books, and bric-a-brac
My rating out of ten: 7/10 – I do like this place. Each time I go, there are always hidden gems to be found. The staff were a little bit moody, but don’t let that stop you!


Store 4: Sunflower, Goodwood

I visited this store yesterday with my sister and I was lucky enough to find one of the prettiest headscarves I have found yet! (I have developed quite an obsession to these things)
opshop (8 of 14)

opshop (9 of 14)

We also bought this scarf as a ‘sharing present’: (It is truly AWESOME to live with my sister, we share clothes)
opshop (10 of 14)

Also, I got this beautiful lamp there about three months ago. I have it sitting on our dresser/drawers in me and Dana’s bedroom.
opshop (7 of 14)

The Deets:
Address: 145 Goodwood Road, Goodwood
Main type of goods: Mens’ and Women’s clothing and accessories, and the occasional lamp.
My rating out of ten: 5/10 – A lot of the stuff there can be pretty pricey. I saw a pair of worn, cherry red Doc Martens in my size, only for my heart to sink upon seeing the price tag underneath: $60. WAAA! Tell ’em they’re DREAMIN’!


I also wanted to share this little collection with you. It is a combination of scarves from shops 1, 2 and 3. Obsession much??
opshop (1 of 14)

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post.

I’d love to know, do you ever take the time to go op-shopping? If so, what is the best find you have ever scored from a thrift store?

See you next week for Thrifty Thursday # 3!

xx Jessica


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8 Responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Post # 2 – One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure”

  1. Alanna

    I honestly love reading this Jess! What a great talent you have! Can’t wait for next week!! X

    • Jessica

      I am really glad you are enjoying the posts. Thank you for your lovely little comments Alanna. :)

      Do you ever go opshopping? If so, have you ever found any treasures? x

  2. Jaden

    There aren’t many decent op shops in darwin (unless I haven’t found one that is hiding, but I doubt it). Garage sales seem to be the way to go here. Since it is such a transient population, many people just sell everything and leave in hope of greener pastures. Thus sometimes you can pick up some great deals. We met some very generous people at my work that were very conveniently moving at the same time as us and gave us a dining table, coffee table, bedside table, 4 alright chairs and two that are not so good plus a couch that wont last very long for $50 and a pot of spaghetti bolognese. Now you don’t find that sort of deal in the newspaper, thats for sure.

    • Jessica

      Haha, that sounds great!

      But what I really want to know, and what it really comes down to, is this question:

      How was the spaghetti??

      ‘Cause, for me, that could either be a deal maker or breaker.

  3. kathy

    Wow you should be a secret shopper. love your scarves and I so want that lamp in your room wow its so nice. Dave bite your bum those earings are so cute. Get some style son. Boy I can talk! you are beyond cool. Iove your shirt collection and sister looks warm in the red scarf. love your thrifty thursday. love Mum xx

    • Jessica

      Thanks Mum! :)

      Dana and I have always fantasized about traveling all around Australia in a crappy van, to visit all of the op-shops there are.

      Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine all of the awesome stuff you would find!! aaaahhgagagagaga.

  4. Shelley

    Jess, your blogs are lovely! It was so much fun being part of thrifty Thursday #2. having always been a fan and fiend of op shops it warms my heart to see you enjoying it too. My fav find is definitely my tan leather motor cycle jacket purchased over 10 years ago for well under 10 bucks, I even love the blue paint on the sleeve, mmm customized, can’t wait for next week x m

    • Jessica

      You know what, I am so glad you came with me! Thank you! It is great having little dates with my sister.

      Yes, that tan jacket is super awesome, and they didn’t even charge extra for the shoulder pads! woo hoo!



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