Gee whiz! You know what? I never actually finished blogging about the rest of my overseas travels with Dana! Way to leave you hanging, right?

Well, the travel related posting stopped quite abruptly due to the fact that I was stranded on a deserted island in Fiji without any internet access. What a problem to have, eh?

And I figure that now is as good a time to catch up as any. As I type, it is Saturday evening (although I won’t be posting this until Sunday). I’m in my newly cleaned and slightly re-decorated room sipping on some aged apple cider. Dana is having a power nap in bed behind me. I can tell he’s not asleep by the pattern of his breathing – he’s probably trying not to be irritated by the incessant tapping of my keyboard. I am trying to be quiet!

We are going to a house party later tonight, and are bringing our Bob Hawke juice dispenser – and filling it with Korean soju and lemonade. It has been a couple of weeks since participating in any sort of raucous behaviour, so I am looking forward to tonight actually!

Anyway, after leaving my once hometown of Pearl, Mississippi, we caught another greyhound bus to Austin Texas. Aparently the most ‘left-wing’ part of the state.

When we arrived there, we originally only intended on staying two nights. But we ended up enjoying it so much that we stayed six days!

One of the main things I was desperate to go and see there was the ‘HI HOW ARE YOU’ wall – painted by Daniel Johnston himself. I have always wanted to go there and take photos.

Daniel Johnston is a musician and artist, and you can learn more about him here.

When we went to the wall, we found out that Daniel himself would be doing a free gig there only two days later – in celebration of his 50th birthday. OHWOWSQUEE! D and I pretty much wet ourselves with excitement. So on the Saturday, we caught a few buses from our hostel, and made our way back there, and felt like the luckiest kids on earth. What timing! Daniel Johnston also personally gave out free tshirts to everyone. How lovely! This is a link to a picture of Kurt Cobain wearing one similar to the one we were given (except ours is in black, and touts a special birthday message), and Flea’s in the picture too.

So, here are the photos! They are both in film and digital, using my Canon Eos, and Lomography Action Sampler.

Hi, how are you Jessica?

Daniel Johnston (11 of 13)

The crowd, a-waitin’…
Daniel Johnston (6 of 13)

Daniel Johnston (5 of 13)

Daniel Johnston (13 of 13)

Jessica and Dana

Daniel Johnston (8 of 13)

Daniel Johnston (12 of 13)

Dana and Daniel Johnston
Daniel and Dana

Daniel Johnston (10 of 13)

Daniel Johnston (2 of 13)

Daniel Johnston (3 of 13)

I will be back soon to post about Austin some more. It is a great place to visit, if you should ever have the chance.

I am off – I have to go get ready for the party!

I do hope that you are all having a lovely weekend.

x Jessica

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7 Responses to “The Devil and Daniel Johnston”

    • Jessica

      Well, Joseph, LA is a great idea! Except, we came to LA via Austin, and then El Paso… so I have to finish posting about those places first. But soon my friend, soon.

      I am sorry it has taken so long!

      • Joseph A.


        I wanna see the pictures of Umami Burger and the hike. But I’ll be patient. lol


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