Hey Everyone!

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Friday is just one of those naturally exciting days, isn’t it?

I wanted to post today – even though I don’t normally, because I was supposed to post on Tuesday, and I was such a busy bee, that I didn’t get enough time.

I was out helping Michelle (my sister) with preparations for my nephew Samuel’s 6th birthday.

We bought ourselves Sam a bunny! And oh, it is just so adorable, and soft and twitchy and cute. Gah!.

The lady at the pet shop put her in this box.
bunny in a box

Then Michelle and I waited for Dana to finish work (we were at the markets), and decided to stop in at the pub for some apple cider, bunny in tow.

Welcome to the family bunny.

That night, because it wasn’t Sam’s birthday until the next day, I suggested to keep Ginger (the bunny’s name) in our room overnight, so Samuel wouldn’t see her.

Bad choice. She spent alldamnnight fussing about in the pile of newspaper we put in her cage. I don’t think I slept much at all!

Anyway, Sam’s birthday was a success, and he loved the bunny.

meet Ginger!


And that’s why I didn’t post on Tuesday.


Here’s what I was actually going to post about:

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle and I dropped Dana off at work in the markets, and then her and I stayed there to get some groceries.

We found this cool wall off of Grote St in the city, and decided to take some photos:


bowed leggies


me and my sister

Also, I have been meaning to share the most creepy thing about the markets. There is a certain children’s ride that is capable of striking fear and loathing (and not in the good Hunter S. Thompson kind of way) into the heart of even the most seasoned individual – let alone a child.


This creepy koala ride looks like it is about to bludgeon you in the face with its bleeding heart. WHO would ride that? WTF?

And this other crazy horse… well, it reminds me of ‘Hypnotoad’ from Futurama:

crazy horse

Anyway, enough of that. After the groceries had been bought, Michelle drove home, and I waited at the markets for Dana to finish work and read my Oyster magazine.

Then we walked home together. And what a lovely hour it was! I was able to observe things I normally would have overlooked if I were driving in the car.


Adelaide life (5 of 12)





So, this weekend is going to be a great one I think. Tonight I am having my nephew Jayquin over for a sleepover. I think we’ll go get gelati. Great choice for winter Jess. But either way, he is such a lovely little boy, and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with him.

Then, tomorrow, I will be baking in the morning, and then we are having a ‘making party’ for Sam, followed by attending a going away party/romp for a friend. Then Sunday, probably watch TV series in bed on the imac, and then the usual dinner at my brother’s house.

What are your plans for the weekend?? Tell me, tell me!

Whatever your weekend holds, I truly hope it is a great one for you.

x Jessica

PS. Please leave me comments. I am somewhat of a comment whore. (If I may be so brash.) But, srsly, I ♥ comments. kthxbye

5 Responses to “Wascally Wabbit”

  1. Shelley

    Lovely post Jess, I’m so lucky to have you! Taking the photos with you was fun, a little awkward (for me) ahh I’ll get over it, yippee I’m over it let’s do it again sometime x m

  2. Mum

    OMG! I love the bunny its sooo cute and looks so soft. Sam must love it. love your photos of little old Adelaide.you walking homewith your love would have been nice. Click click as you go. Did it take longer because of all the photo’s? I know you would have had a great week end doing all that cool stuff. Mine was usual shop sat work arvo and church sun. Actually church was cool. It was outside in a beautiful garden.Boy was it cool. I too took my camera and got some great shots of flowers. would love to go back and take more. Your photo’s have inspired me to use my camera more.

  3. Richard Smith

    Hee! Canadian here, happened upon the site by doing a google search of Adelaide, mall, and “creepy koala”. Almost the exact same photo as the one I took when I saw it. I think it’s a repurposed clown, but even that would be pretty creepy. Hey, kid, wanna ride with Pennywise the Clown? Or the clown headboard from The Simpsons – “Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me…”

    • Jessica

      Richard! I am glad you understand my disdain for the creepy koala, even from the other side of the planet. There are so many different and equally eerie children’s rides around here in Adelaide.

      I don’t get it!?



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