Hello everybody!

Oh, I cannot express just how relieved and kinda excited I am to be writing to you today. My beautiful big cousin Cody came over for dinner tonight, and HE FIXED MY INTERNET FOR ME. Oh wow, isn’t it great?

I feel like I haven’t posted for aaages. Instead of being an internet moocher, I have been busy having a real life. Woah crazy. Dana and I have had friends for dinner, we have had family over for dinner, we have gone exploring and done some photo shoots, I’ve been hanging out with my sisters, and I’ve also started seeing my lovely uncle and auntie three times a week at their chiropractic clinic.

After some xrays, I have discovered that I have some pretty serious scoliosis going on. So, three adjustment and tractioning visits per week for the next twelve weeks for me. And I don’t mind this so much, as it is a great feeling to actually be doing something good for myself, and it is also a great excuse to see my family more often. Even though I know I don’t need an excuse.

[Who says that? “Oh yeah, well, the scoliosis is going really well for me actually. It’s providing me with a great excuse to see my family.” I really am a loser.]

My sister and I have also pretty much finished writing our business plan, and we have had meetings with our business mentor, and with our accountant too.

I also started watching season two of the Sopranos (which only has one disc to go), I’m pretty sure I have washed my hair a couple of times, and I’ve done a fair chunk of op-shopping as well.

So, it’s been a pretty productive couple of weeks I guess.

Now, I will get to the point soon, and will post up some recent photos, but first I also want to let you know that Thrifty Thursday will be a bit late this week. Reason being that I don’t want to post two Thrifty Thursdays in a row, without anything in between.


Last Sunday after church, Dana and I went exploring on some of the alley ways off of Hindley Street in Adelaide city. There’s some pretty mean street art that I’ve been wanting to go see and take some photos of. Also, I had been bugging Dana to take some photos of me for a while now, and I think he did a pretty awesome job! Don’t you?

bend 2



beat me up

I want to ride my



Who you gonna call??


As we were busy taking photos, we heard people entering the alley way, and glass smashing onto the pavement. These two men appeared from around the corner. They were very drunk (I suspect they had started on Saturday night), even though it was 2.00 pm on Sunday. I was immediately afraid; Not of imminent death, mind you (as that would be the rational fear), but rather, I saw mental pictures of them snatching my camera from me and breaking it to bits.

Luckily, all they wanted was for me to take their photo. Obviously, I obliged so that if we did end up being killed, at least there would be some photographical evidence of the culprit. However, we escaped unscathed, and now I live to tell the tale.
punch your lights out

When we got home, Dana took some more photos of me out the front of our house.

hair 2

hair 1

hair 3 BnW

hair 4

pictographs (20 of 40)

naughty 2

naughty 1

naughty 3

I hope you have enjoyed your week. Stay tuned for the next Thrifty Thursday which will be coming your way soon!

X Jessica

One Response to “Graffiti and Gratuity”

  1. Mum

    very french but hey it was Basteel day this week. hope thats how you spell it. Love the yellow nails.
    some of that street art is awesome. Oh dont get tooooo cold my dear.
    love reading about your life.


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