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Thrifty Thursday Number Five:

As I mentioned to you here, my nephew Samuel turned 6 at the end of June.

Now what many of you may not know is, since 2006, I have been working with children as a tutor. And I love it. I love it so much, that my sister and I have spent the past six months working on going into business together, to own and run our own tutoring centre.

The reason that I am telling you this is the fact that I have worked with hundreds of children. Lots of different children, with differing skills and talents.

Now, of all the children I have had the pleasure of working with, Samuel, by far, as compared with any child his age, has exceptionally strong logical and spatial reasoning skills. Like, srsly, this kid was putting lego together without instructions from the time he was five. He’s not even in grade 1 at school yet, and he’s been reading since the start of the year.

I think, out of our family at home (and by ‘family at home’ I mean Dana, myself, my sister Michelle, and my nephews Nicholas and Samuel), Samuel would easily be the most logical.

Living with my sister and I under the one roof can get pretty hectic at times. We are quite prone to impromptu dance parties (with the five of us + Lady Gaga) (I don’t speak German, but I can if you like), and laughing (or crying) so hard that snot comes out. Actually, not so long ago, my sister’s bedroom door was locked and shut with the keys inside, rendering her with only yoga clothes for work the following day.

Dana and I spent aaages (and ruined about ten bobby pins) on Wikihow trying to figure out how to pick her lock. We couldn’t get it open for the life of us! So, outside we went, to her window. Aside from physically kicking her door down all Tarantino style, getting her window open was our only other option.

We were pulling and pushing at the window for quite an amount of time, when Samuel chimes up, “I know! Why don’t we all go and have a look inside of Untie Jess and Uncle Dana’s room to see how their window works from the inside?! That way, we can figure out how to open Mum’s window from the outside.”

Really, people, what kind of five year old thinks of that?

Mind you, we were unable to get her room open in the end, and my sister slept with me in my bed whilst Dana had the couch that night. And Michelle resorted to getting a spare key from our real estate office the next morning.

But, that’s not the point. My point is, Samuel is a clever little guy.

Samuel’s favourite thing to do (when he’s not busy punching his brother or spilling bathwater all over the bathroom floor), is ‘making’.

So, for his party this year, we decided to plan the best ‘making party’ that has ever existed.

We found a beautiful little warehouse business called That’s not Garbage, who were more than happy chappies to host Samuel’s birthday party.

20 of Samuels little friends came along, and what a glorious making day it was – despite the chilly rain clouds that made photo-taking a smidge difficult.

As is the style of the time, Samuel got busy making robots out of all the recycled goodies, and Nicholas got busy making all sorts of potentially dangerous weapons, and then proceeded to chase his friends around like baby Rambo (he was, however, a significantly less muscly and less Italian version).

Here are some photographs of the day:

Ready, set, GO!
Samuel's Birthday Party (12 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (6 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (7 of 27)

Our host, Michael, giving the kids a demonstration.
Samuel's Birthday Party (8 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (9 of 27)

Sailor Jake.
Samuel's Birthday Party (10 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (11 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (13 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (14 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (15 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (16 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (17 of 27)

Samuel’s robot creation.
Samuel's Birthday Party (18 of 27)

Nicholas. This is the product of an excited child who is allowed to dress himself.
Samuel's Birthday Party (19 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (20 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (21 of 27)

My nephew Jayquin is my brother and sister-in-law Samantha‘s son. The product of an already excited child being fed processed sugar.
Samuel's Birthday Party (22 of 27)

Michelle’s creation. She was a little too eager with the glue, and by the time we left, the angel’s eyes had slid down her face.
Samuel's Birthday Party (23 of 27)

Gorgeous Georges.
Samuel's Birthday Party (26 of 27)

The booty.
Samuel's Birthday Party (5 of 27)Samuel's Birthday Party (4 of 27)
Samuel's Birthday Party (2 of 27)Samuel's Birthday Party (1 of 27)

Sam’s birthday cupcakes.
Samuel's Birthday Party (3 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (24 of 27)

Samuel's Birthday Party (25 of 27)

Happy birthday little man!

And this is Carole and Michael, our lovely hosts.
Samuel's Birthday Party (27 of 27)

I hoped you enjoyed this edition of Thrifty Thursday, even though it isn’t actually Thursday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

x J

Ps. If you are reading this far down, why not leave a comment and say hello? (Or, really, feel free to say something other than ‘hello’ if you would like, I’m not picky.) Point being, I enjoy reading your feedback!

6 Responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Post # 5 – That’s NOT Garbage!”

  1. So Resourceful

    Wow, I juast wanted to say that your photographs are amazing, you have captured the scene and the feel of the day so beautifully! I wish I could take such good photos.

    • Jessica

      Thank you for the compliment! I do enjoy taking photos, and pretty much take my camera with me everywhere. I feel almost naked without it!

  2. Mum

    what a clever little chap Sam is….. he must get from his Granny. Your photos are so natural. I love the way you capture an image that never looks staged. That is true art. You sure have an eye for capturing fantastic moments in time. I really look forward to every post you do. Your photos are inspiring. I have been taking a lot more photos myself after seeing your creations.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Mum. : ) That’s really nice to hear!

      I’d like to see some of your pictures, was thinking you and Dad are due for a visit, say, next week? Yes? ok, good. see you then.

  3. Alanna

    Jess!! This is such a neat idea for a kids party! How wonderful. Love your work xx

    • Jessica

      I knooow! And we were so happy to be able to just leave all the mess there. I can’t possibly imagine having 20 of Samuel’s friends trouncing through our house. Oh the clean up would have been a horrible disaster!

      Apparently, all the kids who went to his party are still all talking about how it was the best party they’ve been to. And three weeks is a long time to be talking about something, for a kid!


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