Why does my life insist on acting like it’s a living melodrama?

Can anybody tell me??

Since the last time I was able to write, my beautiful cousin Cody fixed my internet – which hadn’t been working for about two weeks. Upon plugging my iphone into my imac (hallo, brand saturation much?), I was prompted to install updates. I clicked ‘Install’, and then promptly left the room to go and have a cup of tea, and faff about the house for a non-descript amount of time. When I returned to my computer, it was all finished, and all good, except for the fact that my desktop photo was missing. Other than that, I thought that all was well.

Until, later that evening, Dana and I were at a pub with some friends, about three a.m. and we both received a message at the same time alerting us that our services had been cut off. I assumed it was because our latest bill was two weeks overdue (which is often the case when out of you and your husband, only one of you is working for about 20 hours per week [whatevs]). But no. Upon ringing the phone company the next day, I discovered that my phone account had racked up OVER three thousand and three hundred dollars worth of excess data!

W. T. F.

After receiving my bill, I called the phone company (whose name shall remain very NOT named) and after some substantial wrangling, (first, three hundred dollars off my bill, second, sixteen hundred off my bill, then three thousand off my bill) I hung up mildly relieved.

Miraculously, two days later, I was called by an Australian not-named phone company representative who offered to waive all of the overcharge. ThankyoujesushallelujahOMFG!

So, all-in-all, I have learnt a very valuable lesson. Never pay a bill on time. And never pay a more-than-normal bill without ringing first!

Anyway, after just having dinner and a whole bottle of wine at my auntie, uncle and cousin’s place, I actually have no idea why I just put you through all that. Sorry.

So, I remember now what I wanted to post about. It was…

International Comic Book Day!!

I attended said event at the Adelaide Comic Centre – and they had all sorts of freebies to give out.

Here are some pictures of the event:

pic (105 of 180)

Michelle and her beautiful friend Marty
pic (99 of 180)

pic (100 of 180)

pic (101 of 180)

pic (102 of 180)

pic (103 of 180)

Superheroes + nips
pic (104 of 180)

pic (106 of 180)

pic (107 of 180)

Which was all followed by a nice trip to the pub, accompanied by my favourite, coopers pale.
pic (109 of 180)

pic (110 of 180)

pic (111 of 180)

pic (113 of 180)

pic (115 of 180)

pic (108 of 180)

/the end

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