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Thrifty Thursday Saturday Number Six:

My friend is leaving town on Wednesday. She’s off for a few blissful months of gallivanting around the world.

Last week she shared with me her ‘to do’ list of things she still needs to complete before going away. One of which was to get a haircut.

“I’ll cut it for you!” I blurted out, without actually thinking about what I was saying.

You see, it is really hard to find a hairdresser that you can trust. In fact, there’s only one hairdresser in the whole world I would go to, and unfortunately for me, she lives in Brisbane.

So for this year past, I have been cutting my own hair. It’s silly I know, I am SURE there are plenty of good hairdressers out there, but for now, the risk of going in for a trim, and then leaving with hair cut to my ears is just far too great.

So, my friend Georgia and I share the same disdain. And, feeling all thrifty, yesterday I sat her outside in the sun and did my best.

Don't try this at home.

The finished product:
Finished product...

And then Georgia let me take some fun photos:

Please note: This is not presented as a tutorial because you probably shouldn’t try this at home! The only reason I do it, is because I have had lots of practise, and subsequent failures.

When I was about 13, I had hair down to my waist. I decided one day that I wanted to have a pretty sweepy side fringe, and that I could easily give it to myself. My hopes were high. Perhaps a little too high. What I ended up doing was chopping a huge chunk of hair out of the front of my face at ear length. This instance was quickly followed by a trip to Just Cuts, and I came home with a very short bob. I was mortified!

Anyway, Georgia was happy with her thrifty haircut, probably all thanks to my trial and error of years past.

But I would love to know, have you ever cut your own hair? Or had a hair disaster? You should tell me about it!

x Jessica

Ps. Enjoy your weekend!

7 Responses to “Thrifty Thursday: Post # 6 – Home Job”

  1. Mum

    My hair disaster started very early in my professional (NOT) cutting days. I would have been around five years old and my Nanna and Pa got me the most beautiful doll with long brown hair. After wrecking the hair with constant combing and adding braids (done badly I might add), I decided to wash dolly’s hair. Well, it turned into one BIG matted mess. So me with my lightening mind decided that dolly really needed a make over, and I was just the girl to undertake such a skilled operation. Being known for my over zealousness (if that is a word), I cut and cut dolly’s hair till she had a mohawk. EEK! Dolly was devistated. I wasn’t too chuffed. My pa took dolly to the doll hospital and she returned with blond hair. Hum! and instructions to never touch dolly’s hair again. This I promised, and I never did.
    I, being the creative soul that I am, started on my own hair. My first school photo shows my creativity with hair. WHEN will I learn? Just ask my Kids of how creative Mum can be with scissors. He! he! he!

    • Jessica

      Bahaha, Auntie Peta still talks about how you massacred Kristie’s hair more than once whilst babysitting her when she was a little kid… Oh dear, I fear that you never have learned! I remember seeing that photo of you when you were little. There’s a big chunk of short hair sitting in the middle of your forehead. And right before school photos! What were you thinking?? haha.

  2. Shelley

    Home haircuts were the basis of very bad dreams for me, actually I have bad dreams based on the reality that was my life and home haircuts. Between the ages of I can’t remember and 15, Mum (bless) would weild the silver snippers at my locks, taking more and more, just to even it up. Rendering me looking like a 12 year old boy, pity we all try and achieve that look now, man I wasted that opportunity

  3. Sue

    Never had a mum hair cut but always had it short. Erin did her own fringe cut before her dance concert and then blamed somebody else!!!! Your cut looks good and I am doing my scoopons cut on Friday so time will tell how that will turn out!!

  4. Jenna

    I tried to cut my fringe just before we went overseas this year. I had been having one of those weeks when
    I wanted it cut one minute and the next I thought “no its fine”. Then came a day that I shaved Jaden’s head and as he had a shower, my hand somehow commandeered the scissors, and before Jaden could say “Ah, don’t do it” it was too late. It had begun and could stopped. Fortunately I didn’t stuff it too badly. People at work actually said it looked good. However I did wait two weeks then went to the hairdresser to see what they could do. I cut into it slightly too much on one side.
    I tried trimming Jaden’s beard on Monday morning. They are strange things to cut, hair sprout out randomly. Again the result was not even. We will have to see if Jaden lets me try again or if he abandons ship and shaves it all.
    Hope your going good down there.
    Love Jenna

    • dana

      Haha, I would love to see photos of Jaden’s beard.
      how long has he been growing it for?

  5. dana

    I don’t remember any haircuts I have given myself but I’m sure they happened I’ve never had the fear people talk about. I do have lots of photos of me as a child when I was excited about one trend or another and my mother was only too willing to oblige.

    There was one time in year 12 when I wanted to have bleached hair and finally try to do it myself one free saturday. About half way through the bleaching process I got a call from a work friend asking if I wanted a lift to the pizza hut staff meeting (which I clearly forgot about). So I washed it out early and convinced myself it didn’t look too bad and anyway there wasn’t going to be anyone at the meeting who I would care if they saw. Half-way through the meeting my friend leaned over and quitely told me there was a really hot girl from the other pizza hut here. I turned around and was instantly horrified to find out it was this really cute girl that I had the biggest crush on at tafe. I promptly slouched down to hide and ran out as soon as I could making sure to not make eye contact with the hot girl from tafe.

    It’s a happy story in the end because Su Klar fixed my hair and hot tafe girl ended going out with me and eventually marrying me.



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