I have never actually posted about the love of my life.

I have been thinking about this fact for a few weeks now. I am so busy aspiring to document a lot of the things I do, day-to-day, how did I not do this yet?

Having said this, I have always shied away from being all mooshy and gushy and puke-o-rama on this blog, because I come across so many other blogs and that seems to be all that they do!

My sister recently Stumbled Upon a random post uploaded by some woman making bruchetta on toast. Not only did she make an entire tutorial post about tomato and lettuce on cooked bread (O_o) but also included some cringe-worthy quiff at the end about how she loves making it because it ‘pleases the hubby’.

Like, I’m all down for ‘pleasing the hubby’ (surewhynot) but do the rest of the world need to be privy to the boring-ness of this?? Rly? Srsly?

But, seeing as though I haven’t done it before, here goes my very first mooshy and gushy and puke-o-rama post.

This man is the love of my life:

pic (159 of 180)

And I feel an itch in my bones to attempt to share just how lovely he is. Giving my lack of communication skills, I do doubt I’ll be very successful!

He is the kindest soul I have ever known. His eyes gently shine with such beauty. And I am the luckiest.

He thinks unlike any other person I know, always shedding a different light on my often cloudy muddy thoughts.

He is gentle with me, and I feel safe.

We laugh. Oh, we laugh. We share wicked jokes, that nobody else could possibly decipher.

He opens his heart to me even though I break it.

He makes me breakfast (sometimes even in a way that is exactly how I like it).

He picks me little flowers.

He sees more of the real me than any other person, and yet, he still hasn’t ran away!

I am so blessed to be spending my life with this person.

At church a few weeks ago, we met an elderly couple. After introducing herself, she said (motioning to her husband), “Oh, and this is my best friend”, and leant in to whisper to me, “Oh, and did I mention that he is my husband?”

I want to still be saying that when I am an old lady.

pic (162 of 180)

Hasta el día de los muertos.

5 Responses to “That boy”

  1. d

    That’s such a beautiful saying.

    Until the day of the dead my love.

  2. Mum

    wow you brought tears to my eyes. Iam sooo blessed to have the joy of reading such a beautiful heart felt description of love. Im so happy you have an everlasting love. If only the rest of the world could find it as so too few ever do.

    • Jessica

      Bah, you are gorgeous Robin May! Thank you for your lovely compliments. I ever so much enjoy taking photos. I am glad you are enjoying them too! xx


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