Welcome to my very first blog Give Away!!

In my family, a birthday isn’t just a birthday. It is a birthmonth. I mean, why should you have all your pent up birthday excitement wasted on 16 measly waking hours, when you could prolong your excitement for a whole month?? Provided one can sustain such a high heart-rate, it can actually work out pretty good!

Anyway, seeing as though I have really been enjoying blogging, and also enjoying the positive feedback I am getting, I thought you might like to help me celebrate in all the excitement that is August.

I will be conducting a few give-aways over the month, and I do hope you enjoy!


Birthday Month Give Away # 1: Headscarves

1st prize – This lucky winner will receive their pick of any two of the beautiful headscarves featured below.

2nd prize – This lucky winner (but slightly less lucky than the first winner) will receive the remaining two beautiful headscarves featured below.



To enter, all you need to do is this:

1. Press ‘Like’ on my brandspankingnew Facebook Page, and leave me a quick comment to say hi – this link will take to you right there!

2. Comment on this post and tell me which of the two scarves you like the best!

And that’s all you have to do!

Winners will be drawn next Monday night, 8 August (with the help of random.org), and will be notified/contacted via email. Your prize will be wrapped up and sent to you in the mail. How exciting!

Please note, this competition is open to anyone, from any state, country or planet.

Happy entering!

Happy Birthday Month!

x Jessica

Ps. So, I have been thinking, I know there are some guys who read this blog – so perhaps if you entered and won, and you didn’t have a special lady friend you wanted to give your prize to, then perhaps the headscarves could double as a doo-rag? No? Yes?

12 Responses to “Birthday Month Give Away # 1”

  1. K,M,P,C & O

    I would like a family portrait give away!
    Could we swap that for scarves (if we were successful in winning the scarves – we would even donate the scarves)? We are an unfortunately un-photogenic family that requires a sympathetic, compassionate family portrait – but no scarves – alas poor ….

  2. Heidi

    Happy Birth Month! I agree – a whole month is MUCH better than one measly day!
    The orange chain and yellow houndstooth are my faves.
    Heidi aka Digital Misfit

  3. Charlene

    Oh hello, Jessica!
    Birthday months are one of the best things ever, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yay!
    I think the orange and yellow ones are the bestest, particularly because the yellow one kind of looks like it has white space invaders all over it.
    Oh, and I love any time someone says “Special lady friend”, so snaps for that :)

  4. Mum

    wow! my darling your 23 years old. And we have loved you every second of your life. You are one of the sweetest most beautiful people We have ever known. Your humour, kind heart, spontanaity, creativity,witty, fun loving nature are just a few of your qualitys. Have an awesome BIRTHDAY month. Have fun with your give away. Sorry we cant be with you this month but be asured we have you in our hearts always. Love Mum & Dad

  5. Jessica

    Here’s a wayward entry I received on another post:

    Hey Jess. Hope your birthday will continue to be fabulous for the rest of the month!
    I’m looking forward to eating pizza with you tomorrow. Do I qualify for the scarf giveaway? I like the orange one coz it matches my cushions, hee hee.
    love Sam x

  6. Jessica

    And another wayward entry! This time from my fb page.

    Hey Jess, I am liking your blog on your likable day of your birth. I realise that 16hours can be quite pitiful. However make sure you don’t let the 5th of August feel too left out. It was lucky enough that you were born within its 24hours. By the way I like the yellow and white one and the green one.

    from Jenna


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