Good morning! Today is my 23rd birthday! I am very excited.

This morning I was woken up with Birthday Breakfast Cake, sparkling wine and presents. It was pretty sweet.

To share the birthday loving, I’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to enter my birthday month giveaway which will be drawn this coming Monday.

Present from my sister:

nifty gifty



And our friend Marty came for a sleepover.

Be sure to check back within the coming days, I’ll be sure to post about all weekend fun-ness.

x Jessica

5 Responses to “Birthday DAY”

  1. Nic

    Happy Birthday Jess! Hope your birthday is a special celebration of the wonderfulness that you are! Love nicxx

  2. Mum

    Birthday cake YUM. mouth fulls of sweet sugery cake. Whats in the gift bag? what ya get? What ya get? OOh I love suprises. Do have a blessed day LV ya oodles lots and heaps. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Mum

  3. sam

    Hey Jess. Hope your birthday will continue to be fabulous for the rest of the month!
    I’m looking forward to eating pizza with you tomorrow. Do I qualify for the scarf giveaway? I like the orange one coz it matches my cushions, hee hee.
    love Sam x


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