I had a great birthday weekend! And I had the greatest ambitions to post all about it yesterday and today, but alas, I have been distracted by Tony Soprano et al.

For some reason, when the lady at Blockbuster said I could borrow two seasons of Sopranos for the price of one, I thought that watching two seasons in seven days would be a breeze! But, obviously I was deluded. And yesterday I called to extend my loan for both seasons for another week. So much for a free season. Haha. What a sucker.

So, I am watching the last of the third season on one window, and am writing this blog post in another. Yes, at the same time. And those of you who know me personally will testify to the fact that I am a terrible multi-tasker.

So, after having breakfast cake…

Actually, hangon, I need to watch the rest of this episode, and then I will come back. Shit just got real!

Ok, wow, so Episode 12 – Amour Fou of the Third Season of the Sopranos is pretty dang good!

For years I have put off watching the Sopranos because everybody would rave on and on about it. But, as with all things awesome, Dana showed it to me last year, and I am hooked!

So, back to it, on my birthday after birthday cake, I got ready and met my sister and her bff for coffee and what was supposed to be lunch. But we decided early on, to ditch the lunch idea and go op shopping instead. WIN.

The lovely present Bec gave me:

One of my favourite presents was from Dana – a lens adapter that allows me to use my fantastic plastic lomography lenses on my Canon DSLR. And oh, it is a dream boat! I love the hazy soft focus you get in the pictures, and I don’t need to pay hefty prices to have film processed. WIN # 2!

Here’s some photos Dana took while we were playing around with it. Don’t they have a lovely telephoto/DaysOfOurLivesEsque feel?

days of our lives

After the afternoon, we got ready and drove to the city for a little night out.

heat wavemy favourite shoes



our little commune



brolley 1

I went out for dinner with my two favourite people, Michelle and Dana. We had Japanese. Wow, it was amazing.

We went to Wasai in the city – the prices are very reasonable, the food is exceptional, and the service was great! Every time I have been here, it has always been busy. I highly recommend it.


After dinner, we went to the Grace Emily and met up with some lovely friends for drinks. The Grace Emily is my favourite bar in Adelaide. It smells, the floor is sticky, there is a plethora of dusty kitsch paraphernalia lining all the shelves and walls, and the people there are always friendly.

It also happens to be the first bar I ever went to underage. Sorry Mum and Dad, I know you are reading this! Haha, it’s ok, I only had one beer, and look at me now – I turned out alright, no?!

paul and sue and me


Thus concludes my birthday day festivities.

And, I would also like to congratulate the winners of my give away! You will be notified by email soon. yay!

Hope you all have a great day.

x Jessica

Ps, HAVE YOU LIKED OTHER SUCH THINGS ON FACEBOOK YET?? You totally should, I hear it’s what all the young ones are doing these days…

2 Responses to “Birthday Day # 2”

  1. Mum

    You make me want to visit all the cool places you go to.Infact I thought I would see if Tiger had any cheeeep flights.BOOKED OUT ALL YEAR. Your photo’s are amazing, awesome beautiful.Like all who view your photos, I wish I could have one. Enjoy the rest of yooor Birthday month. Mum

  2. Suyeon

    Oh!! Look at my shiny back of the hand @.@
    I like ur photographs so much!! ‘ v ‘
    What’s secret ?? -A- tell me …….,,,, kkkkk


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