Last Saturday night, I went to a beautiful restaurant with some of my family: Russell’s Pizza, south of Adelaide in Willunga.

Set in an intimate little series of buildings, all cozy little wooden and mismatched settings, with low ceilings and crackling fireplaces. It was so warm and comfortable in there!

You pay a set fee per person, and upon arrival, service staff just keep bringing beautiful antipasto platters made from local produce, and delicious wood fired pizzas until you can’t possibly eat any more. And corkage is included in the set price, so we definitely took advantage of that!

We had a lovely time.

a yummy lamb and mint yiros pizza:


My love:
my love

My brother David, and my sister Michelle are forever trying to sit behind each other in photos. The idea is that whoever’s head is closer to the camera will ultimately look bigger.
head competition


Still being a relative newbie in Adelaide, it is really fun to be trying new things and finding new places.

In other news, I am going to be starting a veggie garden soon, and I am very excited about this! I received some beautiful organic seeds, big coloured pots and some gardening books. So I’m set! And I’ll most definitely be posting about it soon.

As soon as I can figure out wtf it is I am doing… haha. Any pointers would be much appreciated!

x Jessica

One Response to “Birthday Boxing Day”

  1. Shelley

    It was fun! Such a great place I especially liked the totally inappropriate bathroom conversation between us girls overheard by the poor boy in the other loo! Oops!

    For the record Daves head is way way bigger than mine x


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