Yes, I do like the Velvet Underground.

I have been getting into my music a little more lately. It’s great. Isn’t it wonderful how just one song can immediately transport you to a particular time or place? Sometimes, the emotions that certain songs conjure up can be so strong, it can completely change my mood and outlook.

It’s pretty powerful stuff!

Anyhow, I am at home now listening to Lou and Nico, working on delivering you this latest post – about a party. (Did you know that Dana and I MET Lou Reed once?! Whilst staying in a fancy hotel in Brisbane city for our first wedding anniversary earlier last year, HE WALKED PAST US AND WE SAID HI! AND HE SAID HI BACK! omfgwtfyayayayaya)

A-hem. Anyway, I do hope you enjoy, and leave me some loving below. (ie. comments)


I am falling in love with Adelaide.

I am in love with the food, the weather, the flat and level roads to ride my bike on, the fact that I can drive almost anywhere significant in 20 minutes or less, the city, the markets, the cute old houses, and most of all, I am falling in love with the people.

Yes, I possibly do use the phrase ‘falling in love’ rather liberally, but until the english vernacular can be as diverse on the subject as I would like it to be, love will just have to do.

Dana and I seem to have fallen into the lap of a very amazing little group of people here. They are a collection of young beauties our age who all grew up in the same school circles together.

When I first met them, I was actually expecting them to be quite cliquish. And that would have been ok… seeing as though they have all been friends for years. I was not expecting them to be as open minded, easy going, inclusive or kind as they have been to me and Dana – the newbies that we are.

Now, since moving to Radelaide, I have been in no particular rush to make friends, and suprisingly enough to me, I have been really enjoying such a good amount of time alone – to work on my own interests.

But what I have experienced from these people is nothing short of lovely.

It makes me so happy to be spending time with like-minded people. Especially ones our own age!

So, last weekend, Dana and I attended a super mega MexicanLatinaSpanishPartyExtravaganza. It was pretty neat.

And with the spring/summer months coming up soon, I’m sure there will be plenty more fun times ahead.

I went over earlier in the day to help decorate the Lauren, Nicola and James’ backyard. It ended up looking pretty schmick!

I took the rest of the photos in this post on my little old Canon G10, as I usually do at uproarious parties such as this one… as I don’t trust myself not to un-intentionally dunk my beloved DSLR in a bucket-o-wine. Oh that would be a travesty!

So, for the party, we decided to go in style. I made myself a Carmen Miranda inspired fruit hat, and wore a waytootightandbreastrevealing red polka dotted ruffled dress (that I nicked from my sister’s wardrobe. Yes, she is just that fabulous)! But, srsly, it was very revealing. Is it awkward to ask somebody you’ve just met if they wouldn’t mind being on ‘nipple patrol’, just to make sure nothing embarassing stays on display for too long?? Probably yes. Oh well.

This is the kind of look I was going for:

I think I came close enough:
party (1 of 27)


Dana decided to go as a Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) sugar skulled Mehican! I painted his face, and he grabbed some of his usual clothes from our closet and he looked agreeably awesome/freaky.


And away we go…
party (2 of 27)

Sangria from a beer bong named Jesus…




The aftermath of sangria from a beer bong named Jesus…
party (27 of 27)

And the party ensues:

party (3 of 27)

party (7 of 27)

party (6 of 27)

party (4 of 27)

party (5 of 27)

party (8 of 27)

party (9 of 27)

party (11 of 27)

party (10 of 27)

party (12 of 27)

party (13 of 27)

party (14 of 27)

party (15 of 27)

party (16 of 27)

party (17 of 27)

party (18 of 27)

party (19 of 27)

party (21 of 27)

party (20 of 27)

party (22 of 27)

party (23 of 27)

party (26 of 27)

party (25 of 27)

party (24 of 27)

It was a really fun time, with some really fun people. I’m really glad we went!

And here’s a reminder to you to like Other Such Things on Facebook. Just follow the link. Easy peasy!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week.

x Jessica

12 Responses to “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

  1. Benedicte Powell

    You guys looked SOOO GOOOD.
    Danwa reminds me of Rick Genest !!!!! :D :D
    Love it!

  2. Danwa

    That was such a great party!
    It’s a pity we stopped taking photos.

    I always saw ‘all tomorrow’s parties’ as a sad song about how meaningless partying is, that she keeps waking up crying with Sunday’s clown. That’s sad in my mind. Also she never has anything to wear, how sad is that? Poor girl.

    • Jessica

      Well, technically, you hadn’t washed off your sugar skull makeup, so I did wake up with a sad clown! And, I didn’t have anything to wear – hence borrowing my sister’s dress.


      But really, I do like that song. Most of Velvet Underground/Lou Reed is sad music. IMHO.

      I wish I took more photos too, but I did end up getting some good ones regardless. I wanted to post even more! But, photographical volume started to get a little out of control. I don’t want everyone who uses a PC to have their computers crash! ;)

  3. Mum

    Is the girl talented or what! make up on Dana amazing. Photos awesome. Fruit hat.Wow! what next
    love Mum

    • Jessica

      Thanks Acky! It is a shame you missed it! There were sangria bongs and everything!

      I’m sure lost time will be made up for, upon your return. ;)

  4. G-VINE

    Good photos. I am a little upset I missed this party! xx hope all is well chicky

    • Jessica

      I am sad you missed it too! It was very crazy and debaucherous! Buuuut, that’s what you get for leaving the country!!

      I bet you are still having plenty of your own fun though… and there will be plenty more of that debauchery waiting for you when you get home. :) x


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