Hello everyone! I’m starting something a bit new here. It’s called Top Fives.

Every so often, I will post a list of my personal top five things, in a given category.

The idea is that you can comment on these posts, with your top five in that category.

It’s my way of not only showing you more of my life, but getting to know you a little better too!

I hope you will participate, because it is actually really fun!

(I’m also open to suggestions for Top Five categories… so if you have a good idea for one, let me know.)

Today’s Top Five is:

My Top Five things to do (at the moment)…

1. Riding my bicycle

Oh, the gleeful feeling I get when the wind is whooshing past whilst I’m riding on a sunny day!

2. Blog whoring

I actually waste a lot of time surfing around the place, looking for pretty blogs with pretty pictures and interesting themes… and WHAMO – I’ve lost a whole day!

3. Op-shopping

Need I say more?

4. Listening to our vinyl collection

We have very recently finished setting up our new sound system for our turntable, and we are finally able to listen to all those delicious new vinyls that were purchased whilst on our trip overseas. YISS!

5. Gardening plans

Our little family here at home are about to start a veggie garden, and I have been reading up all about it. It is very exciting! I am looking forward to that day, when I go out into the backyard, and compose an entire meal out of things grown at my own house!

So, how about you? What are currently your top five favourite things to do?

x Jessica

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11 Responses to “Top Five Things to do”

  1. Danwa

    1.finding new styles of electronic music. Like
    2.reading blogs about statistics. No, really they are great. My favourite is
    3.learning new songs from “traditional and contemporary finger picking styles” by happy traum. in a flat city where it is preferable to ride a bicycle that drive. Unless you have a solowheel.
    5.studying at uni. This comes in at number 5 by default.

    • Jessica

      Dana, I kind of love you. Even though we hang out almost every day, I still enjoy every second of getting to know you.

      Best. Husand. Everrrr. yeah, I said it.

  2. Jaden

    not sure about order… but these are five things that I have been enjoying lately…
    … eating pudding, pancakes and other home baked delights (which usually involves a movie)

    -hanging out with friends
    -discovering new things that I haven’t done before which actually work out really fun
    -having dinner with my wife
    -and having a full and abundant life

    God bless you

  3. Ashleigh Kidd

    These are not really in order, but:

    1. looking after all my pot plants (I have a little veggie garden in process too and so far I have got all my herbs established and have been able to harvest basil, dill, oregano, thyme and parsley. My brother just built my a nice new raised garden bed that I will get going in a few weeks too, so I completely understand how exciting it is!), I spend a lot of time watering/fertilising/digging.
    2. Cleaning (I know this is weird but I like the feel and smell of a sparkly clean kitchen and bathroom).
    3. hanging out with my sisters ( Megan and Jess amuse me to no end)
    4. hanging out with Byron (even when we do not do anything we always have fun)
    5. going to uni (even though it is stressful having to complete assignments, I enjoy learning new things)
    6. I am very excited about an upcoming holiday to Adelaide in September with my Grandparents, so I am busy preparing and organising for that too! :D

    Keep going with the blogging Jess! Love everything you put out here! xoxo

    • Jessica

      Thanks Ash. :)

      How exciting that you are coming to Adelaide!! Perhaps a mini catch up is in order…

      I am working on a new vegetable garden at home at the moment. I am just loving it. Even weeding the garden bed in preparation gave me such a great feeling! So, now I know who to go to for some pointers… xx

  4. Kristie

    I find that my top 5 is largely dependent on weather, mood etc…but for right now….and in no particular order…..

    1 – reconnecting with long lost (lovely) cousins. (okay- so that one is actually at number one most favourite right now) :-)
    2 – watching my dog play at the beach – seriously – I could watch her roll around in the sand for hours
    3 – boozy board games nights – vodka+board games=a very happy Kristie
    4 – playing ‘backstories’ – a game invented while travelling Europe on a shoestring. Game consists of finding a good ‘people watching’ spot in the sunshine and picking a person at random for every player. Each player then takes a turn to give the group a run-down of their chosen person’s backstory. Extra points for creativity and extra, extra points if your backstory is somehow interwoven with another player’s.
    5 – coming up with new flavours for my Sunday night panna cotta (spiced chai with salted caramel pistachios and bitter orange syrup is my favourite so far)

    • Jessica

      Actually, I think I may use your board games as a top 5 in the future. Great idea. I do enjoy a good game.

      Over the years, Dana and I have seriously had to work on our competitiveness towards each other. At least now, a board game is pleasantly fun, rather than a furious feud!

      I am really enjoying seeing you too, lovely cousin. x

      • Kristie

        I know what you mean! I actually saw a proper, full-force adult tantrum out of a normally even-tempered, wonderful boyfriend last time we were in Adelaide….all over a board game. It’s all very serious business, you see. xx

  5. katehaden

    here’s mine!
    1 – riding my new bicycle. I’ve never owned one (but always been able to ride one: how weird) and I absolutely LOVE going throught the parks at break neck speed! Last week I had little birdies following me!
    2 – taking lots of photos on either my hipstamatic app on the iphone, or with my mini Diana camera: it’s scary using film after all these years of digital!
    3 – Uni: really, really sad to admit it, but I’m loving my library and IT course. It’s so interesting and i love researching new media formats and information sharing techniques! Hence the new blog! :-)
    4 – planning travel destinations for the next year. So far I’ve got Singapore for xmas, and I want to do 3-4 wks in South America next year. Not going to happen, but it’s fun trawling hte internet looking at tours, hotels and brochures!
    5 – blogging. Lame, but true. I love finding other people’s stuff (especially SA blogs) and heading to new restaurants etc based on what they’ve written. :-)

    • Jessica

      YES! We do share a few loves Kate!

      And now the weather has been so nice and Springy, there’s even more opportunity to indulge. :)

      You should post some of your lomo photographs – I would love to see them! xx


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