The Setup

As I mentioned yesterday in my first Top Five post, Dana and I recently were able to put together the final pieces of our turntable set up. It includes a super cool old Bang & Olufsen stereo with crispy clear speakers, and our Thorens turntable.

We are more than a little excited!

One of the cool things about getting married to your best friend, is the fact that once you do, your music collection doubles! (Now, if that’s not a good reason to commit your entire life to somebody, then I don’t know what is!)


So this morning, we were sifting through all of our stuff that we have in storage, in attempt to find some important paperwork that we need to complete some forms, but, as is abundantly apparent, we got a little distracted.

We ended up pulling out some of our record collection, and for the rest of the day, have been having a recordlisteningbonanza in the living room. Albeit, I did end up finding the paperwork I needed.


I am just so excited about this. Listening to this music makes me happy. That beautiful clear sound, warm and crackly. It’s kissing my ears, and oh, it is the best feeling!

Tonight Dana and I are going out for dinner with my brother and sister-in-law, David and Samantha. We’re trying an Afghani restaurant that I’ve never been to, but I hear is delicious.

Happy weekend to all you beautiful people.

x Jessica

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