We’ve been having some pretty neat weather here in Adelaide lately.

To celebrate, my friends Nicola and Lauren hosted a little sunny Saturday afternoon picnic in their yard last week.

As a pre-requisite, everybody had to bring a plate to share, and wear a pretty dress. So I decided to bake some berry friands, and make some cucumber sandwiches, with the crusts cut off, of course!

I had a lazy snoozy sleep in with Dana, and then had a smoothie for breakfast after which I rode my bike to the grocery store to get ingredients to bake up a storm.

The sandwiches are pretty self explanatory, but, as for the friands, I followed this recipe that I blogged about a few weeks ago – except instead of using sugared edible flowers, I used raspberries and blackberries instead. THEY WERE SO YUM! Zomg…

Picked some flowers on my way home from the shops:

Getting my sandwich on:

Our organic waste gutz disposal:

My contributions:
basket of flowers and friands
sandwiches all wrapped up




basket of flowers


nudie tree

mmm… ginger ale, vodka, and strawberry drinks, fresh sweet fruits, and Nicola’s awesome dress:

It was a beautiful afternoon! We sat under the tree, and stuffed our faces whilst giggling and talking about nothing much at all. And then a plumber turned up, who was then accosted with stupid questions and offerings of muffins. He was a little bashful… but who wouldn’t be? I’d definitely be scared of a bunch of giggly women if I didn’t know them!


In other news, Dana is away in Cairns at the moment – two of our dear friends are getting married! And, it turns out it ended up being half price for only one of us to go : O Who would’ve thought it?? So, being the benevolent lover that I am, I decided I would stay at home.

But it’s actually because I am starting a new job tomorrow! Wow, after a nine month break from working, I am feeling a happy mixture of nervesomgiamgonnapuke and excitement.

But, rest assured, the position is not full-time, so I will still have time to keep updating the happy haps here.

So, with Dana gone, I plan to sleep diagonally, catch up on lots of photo editing, and probably spend too much time on instagram. My. Goodness. I am addicted to that app! (my username is othersuchthings if you wanted to have a look!)

Anyway, I must be off, I have to paint my fingernails, wax the eyebrows, pack a lunch and pick out an outfit. All in lieu of tomorrow! Wish me luck!

x Jessica

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6 Responses to “A Springy Pic-a-nic”

    • Jessica

      Oh, why thank you! I am glad the photos turned out. The afternoon light was beautiful, as was the company. Win!

  1. Mum

    I love spring, the garden awakens to a beautiful display of colour. I remember a song sung at school every spring…” When the daffodils dance in the sun and the rain then you know that the spring time is coming again” That sums it up hey? Hope you love your new job. Once again you have taken some beautiful photos.

  2. Nicola Ansell

    yeeeeeeeeeees! I love this. Jess you are amazing, quite simply absolutely amazing.

    • Jessica

      You are a little bit nice Annie! Thank you for a gorgeous afternoon in the sun, with too much food. :) I need to come over soon and see your new puppy!


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