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Tomorrow, two of my dear friends are getting married.

Although I am very sad that I cannot be there to enjoy the celebration in person, I am just so happy for them.

I first met Simon when I started going out with Dana in early 2007. Simon lived with Dana and his family.

And what a crazy, daring, fun and beautifully electric soul he is! I feel like I have gotten to know him well, and see him a little like a brother.

I had always hoped that he would find somebody just as gorgeous as he, but to be honest, I had my doubts that she even existed!

Until I met Danielle…

WOW. You know those people you immediately love? She’s one of them.

And upon my first meeting with her, I could tell that they were perfect for each other.

I am overjoyed that they are finding freedom in each other.

Dana and I married when I was 20 years of age – ‘highschool sweethearts’ if I may. And by the sound of many people’s surprise at this fact, I know that this isn’t really the normal thing to do.

“But you’ll never get to kiss any other boys!”

“Won’t you both change?”

“You will lose your freedom!”

Those are all very common reactions, and although not ill-intentioned, they can be quite ill-informed.

Wouldn’t I prefer to kiss the boy who knows exactly how I like to be kissed in return? Isn’t it great that there’s never an awkward moment between us? Isn’t it great that every single day (with this trip to Cairns excluded) I get to kiss the boy that I am madly in love with?

Isn’t it wonderful that I get to learn about the world, and the people in it with the only one I want to share it with? Isn’t it great that my life and my dreams are not just my own? And that I have somebody who loves me to share them with?

With true love, comes true acceptance. Before Dana, I have never ever ever felt that I could entirely be myself in front of another person. There is always a part of me that is protected. And when it comes to life with me, I’ll admit, sometimes it gets pretty messy. But imagine, at those occasional moments in life, when all you want to do is crawl into a ball, and be swallowed into the void for a minute or so, he still sees me, and he still loves me. I can be completely naked in front of him – physically and emotionally, and I do not feel even one slither of self-consciousness. Now if THAT’S not freedom, then I don’t know what is.

I am excited and overjoyed for Simon and Danielle because I believe that theirs is also this kind of love, but with their own special fingerprints.

It makes my heart happy to see two; so daring, with such conviction to grab life by it’s proverbial balls, and to fall unashamedly in love.

So, as of tomorrow, this post goes out in honour of the loveliest Mr. and Mrs.

[These are some photos I took of them late last year]

it is

jump for joy

jump for joy



piggy back

Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull


All my love for the start of the next page of your adventure together.

x Jessica

6 Responses to “Until the Day of the Dead”

  1. Justin

    N’awwww you and Dana are so cute, and so are your friends! I hope he comes back to you soon, and safe and sound! It’s some good lovin’ you guys have..
    And Congratulations to your friends. :)

    • Jessica

      Aaah, Thank you Justin!

      I am sure he will return *relatively* unscathed. I do know that he is having a very good time on his boiz week. I recently got off the phone to him, after a conversation that made completely no sense to me. Methinks one too many ciders. Let’s hope the groom isn’t still with him!

      I do love that boy.

  2. robinmay*

    Absolutely everyone is searching (and aching) for love and connection and understanding, whether they realize it or not. You were lucky to find it sooner than most!

    • Jessica

      I agree completely! And yes, I am totally lucky. We are high school sweethearts! I am grateful every day for that sweet boy of mine. I don’t believe that we were meant to spend life alone. x

  3. Jaden

    I like the re-wording of the questions to imply more appropriate responses. I find the same thing, that I think a lot of people ask the wrong questions. To have found your best friend, which is whom I have found, is indeed worth committing to be able to share that friendship until death do us part. (Or better yet as you have appropriately worded, until the day of the dead). *I do like reading your blogs


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