It’s not even 11 am, and today is pretty much thebestdayeverrr. I am not even joking.

It all started out with a little macchiato:

I ordered some shoes last week, and today I got a call informing me they were ready to be picked up. I got to the store and tried them on. They fit perfectly! As I went to buy them, I was told that they were on sale – for a teeny tiny sixty dollars O.O – which was about 70% off of the original price.

Some sweet little shiny brogues:

As I was walking, with haste to get out of the shopping centre, (because, let’s face it, I abhor shopping centres. Yuck. They are sticky, and naff and waytoobright, and I always leave feeling like I am in a trance. I much prefer shopping in the city – a-n-y-day) I spotted a buytwogetathirdfree sale on ALL television series. O.O

So, thanks to some birthday vouchers that I still hadn’t used up yet, I was able to complete my entire Sopranos collection.

Which all brings me to my next Top Five – Television series! These are loosely in order, and were actually very hard to pick. There are so many great shows out there. But, for reasons both cinematic and emotional connection, my Top Five television series are…

1. The Sopranos

I do bang on about The Sopranos, I know, but seriously, I can’t get enough of it! I know that once I have finished the end of season 6, I’ll immediately want to start watching from Season 1 again. I resisted watching it for such a long time, because everybody said it was so good. And I seem to have developed a strange aversion to almost anything somebody says is a ‘must see’ or a ‘must try’. It’s stupid, I know.

2. Breaking Bad

WOW. What more can I say? This show will keep you on your toes. It centres around a middle aged man – chemistry teacher turned drug ‘manufacturer’, diagnosed with cancer, who will to go any and all lengths to ensure his family is provided for, in lieu of his demise.

3. Big Love

For your super dose of emotio-relational drama, with a mega twist – modern day polygamy. I know not everybody shares my liking to this show, but how could you not resist the gorgeous likes of Chloë Sevigny? Plus, sister-wives! And for the first three seasons, a Beach Boys song was used for the intro – ‘God Only Knows’.

4. Arrested Development

The only comedy on my list. This show just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it. My favourite character is Buster. And admittedly, I have always had a strange crush on Jason Bateman – but don’t we all?

5. Oz

When Dana and I started dating almost five years ago, this show provided a super great excuse for me to see him all the time. You know, at the beginning of a relationship, you’re playing it cool, despite the fact that you’re absolutely crazy over him… I felt that to stave from being a creepy clingy girlfriend and letting the crazy out, it would be easier if there were some third party ‘excuse’ to see each other allthefreakingtime. This was OZ. We would ‘watch’ it until all hours of the night.

Despite my distraction, this show has immense re-watchability. But I am not sure if it is purely because it is a great show, or that I missed out on so much of it because I was on the couch smooching my boyfriend.


So, there you go! That’s my Top Five for today.

What are your Top Five television series? Do we share any in common??

Hope you are all having a beautiful day. In a couple of hours, I’m going to ride my bike 7km to the top of the city to meet Dana when he finishes uni for a little date – It’s becoming a bit of a Wednesday tradition, and I like it!

x Jessica

Ps. Oooh, what do you think of my new blog layout? I am liking it so much better than my ugly old one. I’ve been wanting to change it for aaaages. Methinks a WIN is in order… I may just go celebrate by sneaking in a cheeky episode of Sopranos… ;)

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22 Responses to “Top Five TV series”

  1. Danwa

    Saweet! All of sopranos, new shoes and I got my new helmet today.

    I think the new layout is awesome, maybe needs an option to comment at the bottom of your posts as well. That’s my 2 bits anyway.

    So tv show top fives, that’s a hard one.

    1. Breaking Bad
    It really does leave you on the edge of your seat with your jaw on the floor. Amazing writing, fantastic acting, but what makes it number one for me is the cinematography. Seriously it looks so good you think up are watching a block buster movie that goes for 10 hrs. I also love how insanely crazy walt is from episode 1.

    2. The Wire
    This comes in at number two and needs some serious props. It is the most completely covered street drama ever written. It follows absolutely everyone in a community and somehow takes the time to make sure they are 3-dimensional characters. There is also some serious dialogue, it’s the only English speaking show I watch with subtitles on.

    3. Arrested Devolpment
    Funniest show ever written (IMHO). I think I may have watched all three seasons 6 times through, and I am sure i will watch again and again.

    4. Big Love
    Ok so as much as I complain about how much I can’t stand some of the characters this is a extremely well written drama. Great cinematography, 3-dimensional characters and a drama has constant twists. What is really good about it thoughts that it takes a controversial subject of which most people would have no personal experience with and makes it relatabled and human. That is commendable and worth watching.

    5. Dexter
    Yes sadly I am a sucker for some pop. It is a bit lame and sometimes ordinary acting but it you can’t stop watching, I mean he kills all the people that most people dislike and you can relate intact you root for him. I do however often feel dirty and confused after watching and find myself seriously questioning the morals Dexter Morgan.

    That was really hard, I had a few runner ups Boardwalk Empire, Skins, Hung, OZ, Game of Thrones and Black Books.

    On second thought I think black books rates higher than Dexter.

    5. Black Books
    My favorite English comedy! It is one that I still watch all three series. There are many great English comedies but few that I have watched in entirety.

    David Attenborough is extremely entertaining also, oh it’s all too much!

  2. Charlene

    In no particular order (and not limited to 5 either, ’cause I’m a total rebel):
    Arrested Development
    Veronica Mars
    Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    Absolutely Fabulous
    My Own Worst Enemy
    + I have a little crush on Vampire Diaries (embarrassing but true)

  3. Duffy

    Top 5 ay…. Hmmm that really is tough, I’m gunna go with stuff I’ve watched recently cause I suck at remembering lmao.

    1. I’d probably put my number one as Dexter, I know its not top notch TV but I personally enjoy it, its got a little bit of drama, a little suspense and killing! and who doesnt like a good killing now and then right….? xD

    2. Hmmmmmm I’d probably put my number 2 in as True Blood. If you can get past its sometimes corny acting and its almost endless nudity and sex scenes the show itself is quiet engaging, once I start an episode I’m glued untill its finished.

    3. I’d have to say Game of Thrones here, I’d rate it higher but its only been first season so far so it might go shitty, as of right now though freakin loved it, I cant think of any in depth way of saying it but I just really loved the show.

    4. Diffinately Falling Skies in my top 5, like the aformentioned its still only new but damn did I like it, aliens, rednecks, guns, more aliens. Sometimes it has rather cheesy effects but even so I loved every minute of first season.

    5. Last but not least which I was tossing up wether to add or not was Vampire Diaries only for the fear of sounding totally gay haha, I dont quiet know what it is about the show but it hooked me in pretty damn good, its sappy and girly at times but overall its pretty damn cool and I enjoy all of its character building and plot twists.

    Theres heaps more shows I’d love to add but top 5 is top 5 I guess.
    Other good shows consist of Scrubs, Stargate, Teen Wolf, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, iono a few more that I cant bring to mind haha.

    • Charlene

      I think sometimes you just have to say, “You know what? It’s daggy, and I love it.” Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf are both like that for me. Teen Wolf is SOOOOO B-Grade! The ‘special’ effects and fight scenes crack me up, but its badness is what makes it so good.

  4. Ashleigh Kidd

    wow thats tough! hhhmmmmm well my top five are forever changing so I guess this is it at the moment:

    1) The Wire – THE best drama I have seen in a LONG time
    2) Spooks – Who can resist MI5 agents tearing up London?
    3) Breaking Bad – speaks for itself really
    4) The Tudors – I LOVE period dramas!
    5) Nikita – guilty pleasure, I know, but Shane West has had my heart since ‘A Walk to Remember’

    • Danwa

      I mean you did tell me several times about how much you loved stargate but I didn’t realise you liked it so much that all three take up your top five. That’s commitment.

  5. Justin

    Ahh Breaking Bad.. love it, can’t get enough of it.. about to watch this weeks episode now!! :D yay!

    My top 5:

    1: Stargate
    SG-1, Atlantis, Universe. They’re all amazing in their own ways (though atlantis did get a little on the nose towards the end). If you haven’t at least seen the first 7 seasons of SG-1, do yourself a favour.

    2: Battlestar Galactica
    The 2004 remake of the old 70’s show. 4 seasons of incredible sci-fi awesomeness. The last season (especially the last half) blows my mind. Again, if you like sci-fi and haven’t seen this, you neeeeeed to get on it. Start with the miniseries and get hooked :)

    3. Breaking Bad.
    Ever since watching the first episode of this show, I’ve been hooked. Everyone who has seen it knows why, everyone who hasn’t needs help.

    4:Top Gear.
    Enough Said.

    5: Modern Family
    One of the few comedies I actually get full on giggle fits with. This show is awesome, and starts again in a couple of weeks! WOO. It’s great for a little study break too, with its 25 minute episodes.

    There were other shows mentioned earlier (specifically Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones). These shows are just getting started and while I was blown away by the first season, it remains to be seen whether they’ll become classics or just big budget shows with no real soul.

    Honourable Mentions: Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Black Books (and The IT Crowd), Community, How I Met Your Mother, SCRUBS!ZOMGHOWCOULDIFORGET. ER (14 seasons of epic medical drama isn’t enough.. bring it back!),

  6. Acky Mats

    Now this is my cup of coffee.
    I find it hard/impossible to have different genre’s on the same list, comparing Seinfeld to the Sopranos doesnt work for me. So here’s my top 5 drama!

    1. The Sopranos

    2. The Wire
    3. Boardwalk Empire
    4. Breaking Bad
    5. OZ

    Jess we might have to start sending Sopranos youtube links to each other. Because i’ve been obsessed for years

    • Charlene

      Crap! I forgot Party Down, too. Seriously, it’s great. And I promise not to add any more now :)

  7. Kelly

    i am a good old sucker and love Dexter. He is a serial killer and I don’t want him to get caught. Or even hurt for that matter. And even at the expense of the inocent. referring that comment to series 2.

    Big Love – I do enjoy the family dynamics this tv series has to offer. one big drama.

    Winners and Losers – This is my absolute fav and it is a aussie show too. I was so devastated when the series ended for the year. Now this one keeps you on your toes. if they aren’t winning they’re losing.

    Cold case – I love the investigation of old old cases. finding out what really happened all those years ago. And getting to see what the people look like now. I like

    I don’t really have a 5th. So i might just leave it at that :)

    • Jessica

      Yeah Kelly, that summer that we spend a whole week glued to the couch watching Dexter was awesome! Season two was definitely the best of all. :) x

  8. katehaden

    I’m old school; I don’t tend to go with TV series usually, so here’s mine. Some of them are really, really old…

    In no particular order:

    The IT Crowd
    Firefly (the most awesomest tv series ever)
    Secret Life of Us (first two seasons only, then it went all crap and mainstream)

    • katehaden

      I forgot Carnivale, Scrubs, I’m Alan Partridge, Black Books, Big Love……. oh no!!!

      • Jessica

        Haha, for someone who doesn’t tend to go with TV series, you certainly have picked well!!

        We started re-watching Black Books this week. I must say, the first episode of season one is my absolute favourite! xx

  9. Jessica

    Oh no, I completely forgot about Boardwalk Empire, and Black Books, The Wire, Carnivale, Dexter, The United States of Tara… woah. This is hard!!

    I’ll also have to admit, one of my favourite and TOTALLY tragic TV shows is: Home and Away – The early years. Circa 1988. What’s not to like about a badass-pre-surgery Danni Minogue? lol.

    But, I wasn’t actually going to admit that last one.


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