You may or may not know this, but since moving to Adelaide, most of my things (and Dana’s too) are being stored in our garage.

Every so often, I’ll suddenly remember something I have in there, and realise that I absolutely need to have it out. So I take a little trip in there to go foraging for stuff.

I hardly ever end up getting what I originally intended to retrieve.

The other day, I went to the garage to find our passports. And yes, I do agree that the garage probably isn’t the best place to keep such a thing.

However, I got distracted by some little old memories that I found scattered amongst the different boxes.

Then, absolute procrastination set in, and I decided that I just had to take photos of them immediately.

So, here are some little memories for you:

1. A bear from Lachlan.


He was my boyfriend in year seven. You know, the kind of boyfriend you would have in primary school that you would wave at across the sports oval? Yeah, that kind. We had a class trip to Canberra to see the science museums, and we sat together on the bus. Our hands inched closer together. My heart beat so fast. We held hands, and he gave me this little bear.

(I also recall that I had a different ‘boyfriend’ about a week later.)


2. A baby mitten.

A baby's mitten

I wore these when I was a baby, and once outgrown, so did my dolls.


3. Photobooth stickers with Amber.

photobooth stickers

We were 13 or 14, and so very badly wanted to go and see ‘8 Mile’ – Eminem’s movie. We made the very fatal mistake of asking our parents’ permission, and weren’t allowed.

So we went to the mall, didn’t see the movie, and got these stickers instead.

Can you imagine my disappointment upon finally watching that movie a couple of years later? After all that waiting, it really wasn’t that good at all.


4. A note from Rachel.


We were best friends, and would always play at each others’ houses after church on a Sunday. Rachel gave me this note when she found out that my parents and I were moving back to Australia in 1999. Oh! I cried and cried when I found out I was moving again! She was such a lovely little friend!


5. A book from my cousin.

christmas bookchristmas book

I must have been about three years old, and Kristie about seven. When I was born, I lived with my parents and siblings in Adelaide, South Australia until I was five.

I remember going to play at Kristie and Cody’s house all the time. One Christmas, Kristie made this book for me.


6. A stolen road cone.

stolen road cone

2006 was a great year. Dana and I started going out, I started university, I turned 18, and I made some of the loveliest friends a person could ever make.

For my birthday that year, all my uni friends signed this road cone for me.

I did have a little chuckle when all of our things arrived in the removalist’s truck in our new home in Adelaide earlier this year. Because the road cone was carefully handled all the way from Brisbane to Adelaide without being in a box, or packaged in any way.


7. A charm.

my half of the charm

This was my half of a best friend charm, shared with my friend Lisa. Minnie Mouse is on the reverse side.


8. A lady headed swan.

lady headed swan

This are the kinds of things I would make in high school instead of studying. It was either that, or waste countless hours on Myspace.

At least with playing with Fimo polymer clay, I have something to show for it!


Oh, and I did end up finding the passports too – eventually. In a wallet, down the bottom of a ripped Storage King bag, alongside a mirror and some old blankets. O_O Yeah. Real responsible.

x Jessica

4 Responses to “Eight Memories in a Box”

    • Jessica

      Haha! Good memory! Hoorah for trips to Questacon… with a group of pubescent adolescents! I recently also found all of our letter books… compete with ENTIRE pages full of:

      I ♥ D.E.


      I ♥ CHRIS EGAN

      And drawings from you, of little bats.

      xx j

  1. Kristie

    Jess – that book is too funny!! It is now my mission to make you an updated 2011 Christmas book….

    • Jessica

      Oh! exciting! It had better be decorated with cute little pencil drawings, and narrated by printed and cut out typewriter lettering!

      Oh, isn’t it the sweetest?! xx :)


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