Today I am going to tell you some random and completely pointless facts about me. Why? Because this is a blog. And blogging is most certainly one of the more popular outlets for narcissism of this generation. :D

Ok, here we go:

1. Nobody can say, or do anything to cross anybody in my family, without me holding a very curt grudge… for practically the rest of time.

2. I cannot eat canned tuna. It makes my teeth itchy. I am not even joking.

3. I have been wearing my eyeliner the same way, ever since I was 14. In 2034, when I am 45, I’ll be the equivalent of those women today who still tease their fringe, and wear dastardly blue eyeshadow and too much gold jewellery.

4. I have a really annoyingly accurate/obscure sense of smell. Sometimes, I will smell something, and immediately identify another, completely different thing that smells the same. This ‘skill’ has been known to put my husband off of many a meal. (I am sorry honey.) Take for instance, cooked pumpkin with oregano, smells just like a wet chux dishcloth. Also, there’s a certain bath soap that smells just like sneeze. Gross.

5. In another, and much less lazy life, I would love to be a: hairdresser, naturopath, musician and graphic artist.

6. When you are not looking, I will almost certainly eat off of your plate.

7. I feel akward. ALL the time.

8. I haven’t been without a boyfriend since I was 14.

9. Only this year, in 2011 have I finally learnt and mastered the skill of happily being by myself. And I really enjoy it!

10. As a general rule of thumb, most people meet me three times, before remembering ever having met me. And yes, I do have quite a complex about this.

11. I almost always have one of the following songs playing on repeat in my head: the happy birthday song, the alphabet song, the theme tune to the Garfield cartoon, or the theme song for the movie Fatty Finn. I am usually as unaware of this, as I am unaware of breathing, or blinking… but as soon as I become aware of it, it can be quite irritating!

Well, there you have it.

I bet you’re glad to know all that!

What are some things about you? I’d really like to know, no matter how mundane or silly they may seem to you.

Don’t let me be the only fool on this blog!

x jessica

4 Responses to “some entirely useless information”

  1. katieeveringham

    I’ll co-fool.

    Sometimes I am embarrassed about being vegan/a female drummer/without qualifications or studying because of peoples perceptions of all these things.. even though I shouldn’t care /a) as long as you’re not an elitist dick about it, being vegan is a pretty positive thing. b) I’m confident that I am a good drummer regardless of gender c) I have a legitimate reason for halting my studies and will be going back to uni next year. + am working full time in a good job until then.

    Not as cool as yours, but here’s my contribution!

  2. Grace Smyth-Bolland

    I beg to differ – I remember the FIRST time I met your lovely self! We were all sitting around Finch’s back table (when she lived with her Ma) and you and Dana rocked in with your little red man alcohol bucket, and I was like, who are these cool cats?? I sat across from you all night envying your chic style and forever-perfect makeup, wondering if we would have anything in common! Little did I know you would soon become one of my loves and we would be krumping together on the dance floor mere months after this encounter! x

  3. Unca Paul

    No you are right about the 3 times thing. I remember when you were born and I went to Flinders to visit . There you were with your mum and I said who’s that, they said Jessica. We chatted for a while and I looked over at you again and said ‘so who’s that?’ They said its your new niece Jessica. Then we chatted for a while again and before we left I spied you again and said ‘who was that again, no dont tell me I remember its my new niece Jessica’, I havent had a problem with it since. If you have an issue with it dont, I suspect most people suffer the same ignobility. If you change your name to Gerti Snotmeyer you will overcome the problem and realise its other peoples problem not yours (you may have to deal with some other issues though). Still worth a thought.

  4. Charlene

    My version of your “I’ve met you 3 times? Really?” thing is people not taking or forgetting my order at cafes, or them bringing the totally wrong thing “Um, I ordered a Greek salad, not apple pie with a side of dimsims”.

    And, as someone with an obnoxious amount of allergies / intolerances, I’m always bemused by your itchy teeth. It’s freaky, and I love it about you.


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