Oh me, oh my! This is a big deal. TOP FIVE BANDS… look out everybody!

Firstly, I am very happy to announce that every person who comments on this post with their Top Five Bands and ‘likes’ Other Such Things on Facebook, will go into the draw to WIN a personally made and hand-picked MIXED TAPE (CD actually). All the songs on the winner’s mix will be put together just for you by me. Now, doesn’t that sound fun?!

Secondly, I would like to say ‘thanks’ to all of you who have participated in my other Top Five lists so far. I really enjoy reading your interesting, and even sometimes hilarious comments, and learning about the things you like.

I know that getting it down to a definitive five (in almost any given topic) can actually be rather difficult. In fact, I know that some of you have even almost blown a fuse trying to decide! So before I start, I wanted to make it perfectly clear that your Top Five is exactly that… *yours*. It is whatever you want it to be.

So, if that means you only include four in your list, that’s ok. If it means that you only list your Top Five in a specific genre inside of the topic, that’s ok too. Even if you list more than five, rest assured that everything will be ok.

I do realise that a Top Five that I write today will probably be different than one I will write in two years time, or maybe even in two months time. But I think that that is what makes it fun.

So… for this instalment, I have chosen: Top Five – BANDS.

For ME – I am choosing to list my Top Five most favourite bands/singers ofalltime, as they currently stand. It is funny though – if I were to choose my Top Five bands at the moment, my list would be totally different.

Anyway, so as to not keep you waiting any longer, here they are:

1. The Cure

My love affair with these fellows runs long and deep within my veins. My earliest memory of this band is of when I was four years old. I was obsessed with their song, ‘Lovecats’. I loved it so very much, that I begged my mother to make me a cat costume. She sewed me a little pussy cat tail, which had an elastic band I could attach to my waist with velcro, and she sewed some little pussy cat ears to a black satin headband. I would team this with a little black bodysuit. (The word ‘bodysuit’ just sounds so much better than ‘unitard’ – right?!)

Then I would play the ‘Lovecats’ track, and crawl around my living room, meowing and hissing and rubbing up on the side of the couch, and on my brother and sister’s legs.

Great story Jessica.

My adoration for The Cure pretty much hasn’t changed since then. Dana bought me tickets to see them play on their Australian tour a couple of years back. I cried for their entire two and one-half hour set, thinking, “Robert Smith, oh! I love you!”

On second thought… I probably would have caught his attention, had I donned a super awesome home-made cat costume. Mum! Where were you when I needed you?!

Oh well, better luck next time.

2. Cat Power

A voice so smoky and smooth, an uncanny shyness, deep and sensual lyrics, and gorgeous to boot. Chan Marshall (and your voice): you have my heart!

3. MewithoutYou

This music and these lyrics really speak to me. This band’s music is, to me, the soundtrack of the time in my life that I fell in love with Dana – who, as most of you know, is now my husband. Also, I have always admired the lead singer, Aaron Weiss, for his take on liberal Christianity. Not that I agree with anything and everything he does, but I certainly hope that I can have the balls to love people as fervently as he seems to.

4. Radiohead

The intricacies and layers in the music that this band creates will never grow old to me. I would pay insane amounts of money to see them play in real life.

5. Smashing Pumpkins

At a time in my life, a particular time I can’t be arsed going into right now, I hid my thoughts under this music. Their grungy melancholy, I suppose, was something I really identified with at the time. Plus, I have always sported a strange crush on Billy Corgan.

6. Sufjan Stevens

Ok, so, I am cheating, I know, but it is my list after all. I’ll have six in my Top Five if I want to. This man is a musical genius, to say the very least. His music makes me happy. If you haven’t listened to his music, stop wasting your life, and go listen now. Ok, good. Glad we talked.

I am really excited to read about all of your Top Five Bands!

Remember, to be in the running for your super cool mixed tape, all you need to do is tell me YOUR Top Five Bands, and ‘Like’ Other Such Things on Facebook if you haven’t already (follow this link here to do it).

Wishing you all lots of love, and a wonderful week ahead.

x Jessica

10 Responses to “Top Five Bands – a giveaway”

  1. Thomas Blanch

    David Bowie
    Neil Young
    Nick Cave
    The Antlers
    Wu Tang or Nas to round it off

  2. Danwa

    1. mewithoutYou
    I love everything about this band and I’m just so damn happy that they are still making music. 5th album will be out in a few months.

    2-5. The Middle East
    They are the only other band that makes it on to myTop Five bands ofalltime. Their music is completely arresting (live and on cd).

    That all. There is so much more music at I love but I can’t think of any other artists that I connect with their music on an emotional level and like all of their music.

    Hardest Top Five.

    Can you make me a mix tape anyway?


  3. Michelle Pavelic

    1. Radiohead
    Im the worst best fan, I love their music but have no idea what Thom is saying. I have a crush on Thoms lazy eye, yep just the eye.
    If someone were to tell me the lyrics I would def put my fingers in my ears and shout la la la

    2. Kylie
    I went to Kylies last concert in Radelaide, I stood there without blinking, dancing or singing along as I did not want to miss one sequin.

    3. Midnight Oil
    This has to be added. My high school fav. Ive modeled my dance style over the years on Peter, ah-hem why wouldnt you?

    4. Iggy Pop
    Possibly my all time fav song ‘Lust for Life’. Play it loud people, tell me youre not thrashing about.

    5. Oh I dont want to finish this list as it will end so 4 it is.

    Hot tip Sufjan is incredible, please listen if you havent already, love.

  4. Unca Paul

    Tom Waits, Paul Kelly, Ben Folds five, Death in Vegas, Bowie. all subject to change at a moments notice except Tom who I never get sick of. Lust for life might win best song of all time. The cure are hard to top though that’s for very sure.

  5. Charlene

    In no particular order:
    1. Tegan & Sara (I know Jessica, you’re shocked, right?!) I put their CDs away, but within a week they’re mysteriously playing again. How’d that happen? They MUST be much-loved for me to drag my daggy old self to a concert to be surrounded by genuine young people and their new-fangled bibs and bobs.

    2. The Whitlams. Of all the bands ever, the mosh pits for the Whitlams are the ones where I’ve sustained the most injuries over the years. And I can’t listen to ‘The Curse Stops Here’ without crying.

    3. The Eels. Everything about them blows my mind, fills my soul and breaks my heart (and still sets my toes a-tapping).

    4.The Beatles. End of story.

    5. Something for Kate.

    (With honourable mentions for the Waifs, Magic Dirt, Sufjan Stevens, Gotye, Ani DiFranco, Marilyn Manson, and George)

  6. Rosh Sandhu

    Im a tragic DJ whore, please dont judge.
    And just for your listening pleasure, i’ll include my fav song by each of these artists.

    1. Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon

    2. Skrillex – With You Friends

    3. Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone

    4. NERO – Promises

    5. Linkin Park – In The End

    (I managed to get one band in there…)

  7. Dave your brother

    Ok… Here it is the definative top 5 artists/ bands of all time
    Any other list just fails period:)

    5:- Opeth
    They are awesome
    4:- Corey Taylor slipknot/ stone sour
    This guy just has an unbelievable way of putting words together to tug at heart strings, don’t belive me, google songs, Snuff, imperfect, bother… See I told you:)
    3:- Zakk Whylde/ black label society
    The power of the riff compels you!!!!
    2:-Judas priest
    Dude it’s f***in PRIEST man!!!
    1:- Ronnie James Dio solo/ Elf/ Rainbow
    The man was just awesome!!! His voice was awesome
    And he invented the devil horns!!!! You can’t argue with that!!!

    This list will kill all other lists!!!!!

  8. Robin

    This is just ridiculously hard. Also, my taste in music pretty much stopped evolving at some point in the ’90s. Hmmm. Okay. I’m just gonna list the three of which I never, ever tire. Rancid. Pearl Jam. Rumbleseat. I’m so weird. x.


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