Here are some photos (a very random collection, I know) of recent life. They are bits that I am enjoying at the moment.

But as a lovely person said to me in an email the other day, “It’s all about the little things, my friend.”

Flowers pilfered from neighbours’ yards, in recycled glass bottles.

Family dinners, where the kids are sent outside to eat. ;)

This old stovey pole street sign, near my brother’s house.

sissy stuff
My super cute sister / bestie.

My awesome new crushed velvet dress from Top Shop. Seriously, how great is online shopping?!

This adorable photo of Squid and her cheezy grin.

This photo that Dana took down at the beach.

little old man
Collating photographs to contribute to my nephew’s 21st ’embarrassment mural’. Oh boy.

Happy days people.

x Jessica

6 Responses to “the little things”

  1. suyeon

    oh!! glass bottles! it’s my favourite photo *.*
    Lovely table presentation Jess :)

    I like these little things…peaceful, rustic and simple in daily life
    all these make me wanna smile like this ^_______^

  2. robinmay*

    You are a treasure. And these photos are packed full of so much life and humanness and goodness. Nice to break out of the Instagram square on occasion! I got your lovely message and will be writing my return novel in the next few days. xxs from Toronto.

  3. lrntn

    Hi Jessica–I like your way with film! (at least looks like film to me). Thanks for stopping by (and am amazed that you found Lake Shrine…not too many locals even know about it). I’m envious of your 7 week trip, and am happy to hear that you like LA. Happy shooting, and see you on the blogosphere.

  4. pure of heart

    Life can be beautiful; It depends on how you look at it. Thank you for showing life in such a happy way. Forget the good old days. You are living the moment. Lv Mum

  5. pure of heart

    Darling look at www. very interesting and stuff to help Shell.


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